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Dell 22" UltraSharp(TM) (2208WFP) LCD Monitor for $199

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Posted By: trevorf, posted 2008/11/18 20:08
This is on Dell's outlet section. 199 for a 22" monitor is not bad, given they're averaging about 230-250 at the moment.

Please note, that this series of "UltraSharp" is now using TN LCD panels, so it's pretty much the same as the other budget grade 22" LCD's on the market at the moment. Even so, it's still a pretty good bargain.

25 left at time of submission.

*edit* no more :-(
  • admin2008/11/18 21:13:45
    Nice price trevor - thanks.
  • bigal2008/11/19 17:02:04
    you'll find that the ultrasharp series also have a height adjustable stand that allows you to pivot your display. this will allow you to have a portrait display instead of a landscape display. maybe more useful to some than others
  • admin2008/11/19 17:07:47
    I've often wondered where a pivot screen would be useful. Cant think of many applications where it would make much sense or there isnt already a decent rotate in place.

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