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Deals Direct - Corsair 64GB Flash Voyager USB 2.0 Drive $99 + Buckscoop Cashback

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Posted By: NoosieB, posted 2009/05/18 13:36
This USB is ideal for transporting MP3s, digital images, presentations and is enclosed in an all-rubber housing. For those who forget to take out their USB from their shirt pocket and it ends up in the washing machine - this may be what you need as it's shock resistant and water resistant.

Some have apparently tested it by throwing it the washing machine, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped it, and even run over it, and still it continues to work. Hmmm, maybe if I had an important presentation stored on it, I wouldn't be so keen to throw it in the wash.

Comes with a 12 month warranty, although I'm sure it would be void if you purposefully run over it. Shipping flat rate of $6.95.

these are so cheap because they are refurbished units...
- fishmonkey

oh, and new units come with a 10 year limited warranty...
- fishmonkey
Expiry date:2009/05/21
  • scubacoles2009/05/18 14:38:21
    As I said on Ozbargain. My experience with a Flash Voyager GT (top of the line model) was very poor.
    The rubber "body" provides no structural support to the USB connector and after only 8 months my 8Gb drive was rendered useless when the USB connector snapped off!
    My attempts to resolder fried something on the circuit and it's now useless.
    The only thing holding the USB connector to the circuit board is 6 solder points, 4 of them being the USB data pins.
    Great speed memory but a Shoddy design.

    All the crap about being run over by a truck is marketing guff, when has any USB drive been run over by anything?
    One of my mates accidentally washed his cheap drive and all was fine after it was dried.. this is the only plausible scenario in which the testing might actually occur in real life.

    Plugging and pulling is something that even the cheapest drive can and should live through for years!
  • fishmonkey2009/05/18 20:09:01
    sounds like you got a bad one...

    they do have a 10 year limited warranty, which yours should be covered under...

    [edit] oh, probably not since you've tried to solder it yourself, presumably with all the silicon still mounted on the board?
  • fishmonkey2009/05/18 20:15:57
    just noticed that these are refurbished units, with only a 1 year warranty... new ones have a 10 year warranty...
  • fishmonkey2009/05/18 20:25:12
    oh, and although they have good read speeds, the write speeds of these 64GB models are pretty slow...

    so for example, if you are copying lots of small files, e.g. MP3 tracks, then it would take around 5 hours or so fill the drive...

    there are some speed tests here:

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