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Deals Direct: 2GB USB "Pen" Drive - $9.95 Save $40.00 - Below Cost!!! FREE SHIPPING!!

Posted By: nlafanclub, posted 2008/04/05 04:25
Light weight, compact, ideal for anyone!

Flash drives are an essential of modern life, and certainly very handy when you need to quickly and efficiently transfer files between PCs, mp3 players, and any other flash compatible technology!

This flash drive is both PC and Mac compatible, so it's bound to be useful to everyone whether young or old, student or worker!

2GB portable hard drive.
Replaces floppies and CDs.
Ultra portable storage device.
Driverless (Except Win98).
USB standard interface/hot plug and play.
No external power request.
Small, light, shocked and moisture proof.
One LED indicator.
Capacity: 2GB.
Can be written and erased one million times.
Portable data storage and exchange.
USE 2.0 compliant.
Length - approx 7cm.
System Requirements:

USB Interface.
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, MAC OS9.X, Linux 2.4X, Windows Vista.
Expiry date:2008/08/02
  • admin2008/04/05 09:07:54
    I started reading this and was sceptical - seeing as shopping square often have the 2 x 2GB drives for around $18.00 but $1.95 shipping as compared to their $19 is very good. Nice find - hot from me.
  • golfwidow2008/04/05 09:46:12
    HOT hOT HOT from me. Need some of these to back up all my photo's from my 'puter :) Thank you!
  • admin2008/04/05 09:52:57
    4 x 2 GB = $40 - which if you dont need the contiguous space is a damn site cheaper than buying a single 8gb one.
  • nod2008/04/05 10:11:24
    Hot vote here too :)
    There have been some really nice prices on USB drives recently.
    At least DD has realistic shipping fees.
  • nod2008/04/05 10:13:03
    Small downside... DD charge $1.95 for each drive. ie buy 4 pay $7.80 for shipping - total $47.90
  • geo782008/04/05 10:16:54
    good price...I'm wondering what brand agreed for DD to put their logo on the product...comes with 30 days warranty only...
  • nod2008/04/05 10:23:13
    yeah downside about the warranty
  • nlafanclub2008/04/05 14:28:44
    yeah downside about the warranty

    Yeah, sorry about that. Probably best for admin not to buy 4 then - just in case....:eek:
  • lilpretzel2008/04/05 17:20:24
    Out Of Stock!!
  • Cropsy2008/04/05 18:25:00
    This deal http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=44026 has two 2gb flash drives for $19.95 delivered with 12 month warranty. It seems like a good alternative with Deals Direct being sold out.
  • geo782008/04/05 18:48:28
    shouldn't this deal be marked expired? thanks
  • nlafanclub2008/04/05 18:59:14
    Just expired it :) (also accidentally marked it "spam" as well :p - woops :rolleyes: )
  • jezzamine2008/04/11 04:56:59
    The DealsDirect 2GB USB Pen Drive is back in stock.
  • admin2008/04/11 07:15:42
    its showing out of stock when I go in there jezzamine.

  • jezzamine2008/04/11 08:00:18
    its showing out of stock when I go in there jezzamine.


    Wow, you have to be quick with these! It must have been nearly the last one :)
  • admin2008/04/11 08:09:11
    :D - you mean you bought the last one THEN told everyone else...
  • lilpretzel2008/04/15 09:17:19
    Back in stock!!!
  • jezzamine2008/06/07 20:04:45
    These are currently showing as back in stock for $9.95 with free shipping this long weekend ... so if you were lucky enough to get a $5 voucher from the Bucky is Back Giveway, the total cost delivered should only be $4.95

  • lilpretzel2008/06/07 20:45:07
    Cheers jezz, I have unexpired the deal.

    Thanks for letting us know.

  • bigal2008/06/07 23:02:33
    i cant add this to the shoping cart their online help cannot help me till 9am tuesday :(
  • admin2008/06/08 08:14:00
    Yea - I cant either bigal. I'd take a screen shot of it and email them on Tuesday. Point them to this thread and tell them to honour what was advertised. :)

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