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Dealextreme - 7inch touch screen Android tablet for US$99.90 delivered

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/05/18 08:16
Basically similar sort of deal as the $629 iPad, only a fraction of the price. Some drawbacks - probably not as well made, smaller screen, battery only lasts 2 or 3 hours.... ok, it's *NOT* an iPad. Similar, but definitely not the same.

On the other hand, if you think of it as being a cheap wifi enabled photo frame that can be used as an eBook reader, music player, and a few other things.... including probably being able to install any app from the android market (http://www.android.com/market/) well, I'm starting to think it's a bargain.

A review of what appears to be the unit being sold on DX can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4OCItW6ecc. There is also a pseudo support group for the thing here: http://slatedroid.blitzwerks.co.uk/

Android 1.6
e-Book reader
Document to Go (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF)
Chrome-Lite browser
Fring/SkypeOut/etc support for internet telephony

Uses USB cable similar to (or the same as?) an iPod cable for data transfer (but does not charge through it), internal memory and SD card appearing as drives. SD memory card slot that supports up to 32Gb cards

*update* Price has dropped from US$108.76 to US$99.90
  • Donkey2010/05/18 08:58:14
    Ha - how fast is that to market. It is a bargain compared to the strike price of the iPad but the sacrifice is battery power and memory. Was playing with android on a htc the other day - its not bad - if I could connect it up to the contacts and calendar of Mac I'd consider an buying an android device.

    More details on the hardware and combo.
    Eken's 7'' Android Tablet Starts @ $100
  • Donkey2010/05/18 09:01:44
    Chuckling away at this (its true)

    "think of it as being a cheap wifi enabled photo frame that can be used as an eBook reader, music player, and a few other things.... including probably being able to install any app from the android market (http://www.android.com/market/"

    Android have a lot of work to do to make their app market compete :)
  • ninkasi2010/05/18 09:43:31
    Buy three or more, enable "bulkrate" discount, and they're US$107.63 each....
  • frogduck2010/05/18 10:45:51
    I was thinking about buying this as a toy for university, but its a pretty expensive toy even with that low price tag :(
  • ninkasi2010/05/18 17:38:35
    So... converted into AUD it's $124.68. An iPad is $629.... so you could get five of these things for the same price as the iPad. Maybe three for a Kindle or two of them for the price of a touch. But. I would not count on it living as long as either iPad or touch - it is built to a price, and that price is very low.... plus the battery life would be an issue at uni unless you also got an external battery to charge it during the day.

    I'm still going to get one - as I say, it should make a pretty decent photo frame streaming photos from a flikr account (so no having to upload/dowload images to the thing itself), that can perhaps also show news alerts and weather etc. For those of us with kids, if your parents have wifi then it would be a nice way of providing them with a constant stream of updated photos.... In that role the battery life or fragility shouldn't matter. If it turns out to be even better than that, then bonus (and maybe I'll get another!). I'd have to say don't buy it if, should it break in a month or two, it causes major heartache.
  • Donkey2010/05/18 18:31:42
    You might be able to get one of those external batteries that clip on in a similar manner to the iphones but it sort of defeats the purpose of small and lightweight.
  • wheadle2010/05/18 22:36:40
    Just in time for those that tempted: Cnet's 50 Best Android apps ;)
  • ninkasi2010/05/19 14:29:36
    My understanding is the unit has an iPod compatible power connector. I have a small external battery that can charge up my iPhone a couple of times. Can get them off eBay or DX for 10 to 20 dollars.... So in theory I should be able to do that but will have to wait and see!
  • frogduck2010/05/19 14:40:25
    Better snap this up soon if you want one as the Aussie dollar seems to be dropping fast! :(
  • ninkasi2010/05/19 23:58:42
    Yeah - I got $0.85 on the US dollar via Paypal.... it's perked up a little but I suspect it might be a dead cat bounce....
  • ninkasi2010/05/23 13:08:49
    Ooh. The two I ordered shipped yesterday.... Will let you know how they go....
  • ninkasi2010/05/27 00:12:33
    FYI Have updated this - the price has dropped from US$108.76 to US$99.90...
  • nod2010/05/28 01:02:46
    Ooh. The two I ordered shipped yesterday.... Will let you know how they go....

    You ordered two? In case one dies on you?
  • ninkasi2010/05/28 08:25:36
    Maybe! But the original idea was one for a photo frame, and one as eBook reader. My wife wanted the photo frame as a present for a friend, but now has changed her mind (the friend already has a frame) so we'll either use it ourselves as one (probably continuously picking up pictures from a Flikr stream) or I'll jut play with it. I've seen bluetooth enabled photo frames for 4 to 5 times this price, so it seems a bargain even if it's only used for that.

    The other my wife will use as an ebook reader in bed at night and perhaps the odd email (at night she's been using her iPhone - this should have more real estate so be a bit easier on the eyes. Had suggested a Kindle but she wanted the light and a clip on light did not appeal....)

    In either role (photo frame or e-reader in bed) they should be fine, and the potential drawbacks - short battery life, resistive rather than capacitive screen, possible fragility - will be less of an issue.
  • Wally2010/05/29 02:21:48
    Pity it actually looks like it was designed and manufactured in China! :-)
  • ninkasi2010/05/29 10:51:44
    Pity it actually looks like it was designed and manufactured in China! :-)

    Hey - so was the forbidden city, great wall, ming china.... so doesn't necessarily mean it's ugly as and will fall apart in a mild breeze... :D

    Will see though... mine should turn up next week.:prop:
  • ninkasi2010/06/05 13:48:17
    Update - mine arrived and here's the verdict:

    Better made than I thought they would be. Still would assume that they are fragile, so treat with care. I expect the screen will scratch quite easily. Being resistive (rather than capacitive like the iPhone) you do have to push on the screen so it isn't as easy to use or as accurate with the finger - easier using a fingernail or stylus. Screen is good and quite bright, but would benefit from being a higher resolution (for text) and display more colours (for photos). Speed is usable, but not blinding fast. Heavier than I thought they would be, but still quite portable. Battery lasts well over two hours - three is probably pushing it. Power cord is in an awkward spot for using the device with it plugged in, but can cope with it. Just need to get a US to Aus power adapter (perhaps around the $7 mark at one of those $2/discount shops). Doesn't seem to go to sleep properly so need to turn it off if not using it. Doesn't come with the Android "Market" application so installing apps is not quite as easy as it could be (need to download the "apk" file for an application you want and install that). Installing a different version of the firmware is painless to do (after backing up, literally download the zip file from the slatedroid site, use "7zip" to extract the "scripts" directory to an SD card, and boot the device with the SD car inserted & wait) - but the benefits of doing so are currently minimal. Definitely does not charge via the usb cable which is a nuisance - this is just used for accessing the memory on the device (internal & SD) when hooked up to a computer. In the future you may also be able to hook up an adapter and use a keyboard with it....

    Overall it seems to be a good device that could be better but at the price I do not regret the purchase. My wife is quite happy using hers to read books at night. I will note that one of the units I got is having problems (will lockup at random and screen does a fade/wipe and then have to do a hard reset) so have requested a RMA.
  • nod2010/06/05 17:39:45
    Awesome review Ninkasi. Thanks. Let us know if you get a replacement

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