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Posted By: nod, posted 2007/06/11 04:58
Deal Hunt Number Two

Billys training wheels were off!
Not only has he managed to master using his mums credit card to purchase on-line but he had found Uncle Frank the most amazing gift for exactly $99.95, thanks to the help of his friend Holdenmg.
Uncle Frank was in hospital for a few days but made a quick recovery once they pumped his stomach.

Billy now faces his new shopping challenge.
The fundraising committee for his football team have asked him to find a prize that could be raffled at their next sausage sizzle fundraiser.
The committee have decided on a new digital camera. But they couldnt decide on what camera they wanted.

So Billy was handed a list of specifications that the camera MUST have:
1. MUST be a digital camera
2. 6 megapixels minimum (NO interpolation)
3. Canon, Kodak, Olympus, Nikon or Sony brands ONLY
4. Auto focus
5. Optical zoom lens
6. The camera must be delivered to post code 0820 Northern Territory

Billy was not actually given a budget by the Football team committee

Billy now needs your help with his challenge to find the best camera, with all the specifications listed above, for the best price (ie the best value) and have it delivered to Darwin.

The label for Deal Hunt Number Two is: FOOTBALL CLUB

You can post up a total of 5 deals for the Deal Hunt but each deal must be better than the last one posted

You have 4 days!
The hunt closes 8pm AEST Friday 15th June.
Expiry date:2007/06/16
  • nod2007/06/11 20:00:53
    Deal Hunt Rules

    Here is an easy link to the Deal Hunt Rules

    Any questions or banter, post below :D
  • schlemster2007/06/11 20:58:02
    Never got round to deal one better start looking :)
  • Brad2007/06/11 21:08:14
    Nice, I'll be having a crack at it later in the week. ;)
  • nod2007/06/11 21:14:30
    I am hoping to see some awesome camera deals this week. I need to buy a new one :D
  • admin2007/06/11 21:55:51
    how fast are this lot.... I can see two newby entries already.

    Uncle Frank was in hospital for a few days but made a quick recovery once they pumped his stomach.

    Never before had the doctors seen stomach contents quite like it. Not only could they find carrots, they had pretty much every colour in the spectrum there.
  • jayne2007/06/11 22:01:12
    Yay! looking forward to see the entries! Brad - you never had a go last time - time to make up for it!!

    Remember you can have 5 tries.... !
  • nod2007/06/11 22:18:56
    Yep 5 tries but each deal needs to be better than the last one you posted :)
  • jayne2007/06/11 22:20:16
    But what's your definition of better? Better price? Better features?
  • nod2007/06/11 22:29:49
    Well it needs to be a better value deal
    So either, a better camera for the money you spend (eg 8mp for the price of 6mp) or cheaper.

    I guess even if the model of camera you post up is still very cheap for its RRP and has an amazing write up in reviews but is more expensive than other posts then I would post it up.

    Would be great to hear from people who have any personal experience with any of the cameras posted here. Feedback is good
  • nod2007/06/11 22:30:20
    Hope that makes sense?
  • jayne2007/06/12 20:15:20
    Hope that makes sense?

    Yeah, thanks :) Bumping this up and some people might be able to find an excellent football club bargain with some of the great codes/deals that Braddo has posted today. :w00t:
  • nod2007/06/12 20:21:23
    Ah very very good point Jayne
  • admin2007/06/13 03:55:22
    And as a helping hand there's at least one free shipping offer around for a place that sells cameras.
  • Brad2007/06/13 16:22:48
    Here's the only other free shipping code for more cameras. Digital Cams is one of those 'PHD sites' where you can get free shipping and they have a sale on at the moment too.
  • nod2007/06/13 18:34:51
    No excuse to get a deal up for the Deal Hunt now then ;)
  • nod2007/06/13 19:41:49
    Only 3 deal submissions so far!!!!

    You have 2 more days :)
  • Brad2007/06/13 21:00:59
    I think you just ruined someone's strategy Nod.

  • nod2007/06/13 21:41:24

    let me guess.... you have found the best smileys site? :D
  • Brad2007/06/14 13:30:29
    Of Course. Thanks Jayne!
  • nod2007/06/14 16:45:28
    I don't use the site very much at all really

  • jayne2007/06/14 19:37:54
    Me either...

  • nod2007/06/14 20:28:29
    We should see if they will ay us commission for all the advertising we do
  • nod2007/06/15 01:22:02
    Last day to get your submissions in to help Billy find his camera :)
  • sandgroper2007/06/16 00:56:56
    I found a camera, how will I know if its billy's :whistling:
  • nod2007/06/16 09:06:37

    Well is his name on it?
  • nod2007/06/16 09:07:43
    Deal Hunt number two has now expired.

    I now have the rather difficult task of picking a winner :(

    Thanks to all those that entered

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