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Deal Extreme - 4 Retractable Metal DS Stylus - $2.42 & Free Shipping

Posted By: blondieo, posted 2009/10/10 08:19
Saw these on Deal Extreme, they apparently suit larger hands. Look good to me compaired to the fiddly pastic ones from Nintendo.

They still fit into the DS perfectly, and are always handy to have lying around incase you're like me and lose them!

Price is in $USD, but equates to around $2.67AUD
  • blondieo2009/10/10 08:27:14
    I also just posted this Deal Extreme - 8 Coloured Replacement Stylus For Nintendo DS - $1.41 & Free Shipping for a cheaper option, better for the kiddies too.
  • gaxx2009/10/10 08:46:03
    why do all your links to deal extreme have referrals on them?

    Isn't that against the rules?
  • admin2009/10/10 09:11:48
    Thanks gaxx - there was a referral link there unknown to us. I suspect blondieo must have picked it up through copy and paste.

    Deal extreme do have a private affiliate programme but its useless to us as it wont track user_id's and transactions cant therefore be associated with a buckscoop member. Annoying.

    Will check back through other DE deals to see whether there's others.

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