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Deal 10: My Tips & Offers on how to get iTunes Music Cards below RRP!!

Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/12/16 05:53
We have arrived at Deal Number 10 from The Twelve Days Of Christmas - we're two thirds finished!

Today on the menu are several ways of getting iTunes Music Cards at a
below RRP cost - a great gift idea when you really just can't think of
what to get that certain someone! (We all enjoy music afterall!)

Firstly, the one simple way to get your iTunes Music Cards is directly
from Apple - at the Australian Online Apple Store as they offer 3% cashback
here on Buckscoop, and they come in $20.00, $50.00 and $70.00 denominations.
So you could get 3% off them all year around by just getting your cashback.
You'll never have to pay full price again, and no delivery charges, ever!

Secondly, Australia Post have a promotion in which you can get 2 x $30
iTunes Music Cards for just $45!!
(This offer runs from The 3rd December to December 25th 2007.)

Thirdly, Woolworths Supermarkets have 10% off their iTunes Music Cards for a limited time only.
(Available in $20, $50 and $100 Denominations)

Happy downloading/giving! :P
  • Brad2007/12/16 22:53:52
  • nod2007/12/16 23:18:07
    Jaynes Deal
    comes out as the best value I think :)
    Is this offer still available?
  • Brad2007/12/17 17:30:43
    It doesn't seem like it is actually - the page that is linked in that deal is no longer there.
  • Brad2007/12/20 16:08:21
    That deal of Jayne's has now expired.
    I am thinking that the next best buy is the Australia Post offer of $60 in iTunes for just $45.

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