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CREATIVE Mp3 Player 5GB Zen Neeon with FM Radio only $109.90

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Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/04/17 10:07
What a deal on this one!! Only last week the slighlty newer 2GB model was this price!! This CREATIVE Mp3 Player 5GB Zen Neeon with FM Radio is only $99.95 from Deals Direct! Shipping is $9.95, bringing it to a total of just $109.90!

Features: Store and listen to an amazing 2500 songs with this outstanding CREATIVE mp3 player with FM transmitter. The sleek design and ingenious features will have you listening to your favourite tunes or FM radio no matter where you are. The battery life is outstanding with 16 hours playback on one single charge! Don't miss your chance to own this great bargain at this ridiculously low price!
  • jayne2007/04/18 01:08:34

    [*][FONT=Arial]Creative 5gb Mp3 Player. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]7 changeable LED backlight colours.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Optional Creative Stik-On™ skins.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Holds up to 2500 songs![/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Rechargeable 16-hour Li-ion battery on a single charge.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Elegant pianoblack finish. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Scroll-wheel control for fast manoeuvring.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Integrated FM radio. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Built-in voice recorder.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Direct line-in encoding straight from your stereo.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]1 year manufacturer's guarantee![/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]What's included:[/FONT][LIST]
    [*][FONT=Arial]ZEN Neeon. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]High quality Earphones. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]USB 2.0 Cable. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Line-in Cable. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Quick Start Booklet. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Installation CD. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Pouch. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Neck Strap. [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Creative Stik-On™ (1 piece included).[/FONT][/LIST]

    [*][FONT=Arial]Size: 79.9mm x 46.9mm x 15.9mm.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Weight: 75g with battery.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Capacity: 5 GB micro drive.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Display: LCD: 128 x 64 (7 colour LED backlight) .[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Song Capacity: 5GB 2,500 WMAs/ 166hrs (64 kbps), 1,250 MP3/ 83 hrs (at 128kbps).[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Battery life/ playtime: Built in Li-Ion serviceable rechargeable battery (Up to 16 hours of non-stop music playtime).[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]FM tuner up to 32 preset stations .[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Voice recording.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Audio support: MP3, WMA, WAV [/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Connectivity: USB 1.1/ 2.0.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Built in microphone.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]4 preset EQ settings .[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Supported Format: WMA, MP3, WAV.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]USB 2.0.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Up to 98dB for SNR.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]Mass storage device.[/FONT]
    [*][FONT=Arial]USB charging.[/FONT][/LIST]
  • admin2007/04/18 01:45:29
    phwoa - I'm actually tempted at that price. Much better than the 2gb the other day
  • nod2007/04/18 02:06:10
    Great find Jayne. Bargain for this price :)
  • nelly2007/04/18 21:08:04
    I just bought one for my husband. Thanks for the pointer :)

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