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Crazy Stu - 1gb Olin SD Card only $5 plus $2.50 shipping.

Posted By: 2388, posted 2008/04/19 18:33
Once again not supposed to be available til 8:00 tomorrow. However due to dodgy (on their behalf ) coding, here it is exclusive to all Bucksoopers first.

Note there are supposedly only 50 available (minus my 4) so get in quick
  • scatman002008/04/19 18:34:40
    Hmmm. it seems that within seconds of my purchase the price was hiked back up. Sorry guys :o
  • admin2008/04/20 20:10:39
    Here's something to either make you think or laugh - not sure which. You may have seen an almost identical post to this one earlier on by a user "choppy". After a good bit of snooping around we are confident that Choppy is just spamming your board so we did what we normally do.
    Because we get quite a lot of people spamming the board our process is to get rid of the post and politely send a pm to remind people that the Buckscoop forum is for our members and not a place for advertising. In this case this was the fourth time we'd tried to contact Choppy with no response. If someone is a merchant, or associated with one we're happy to post their wares, so long as it comes through us first so we can apply the 'objective' rule to it before it goes up.

    We spammed this post from scatman because of the price hike - which meant that it was no longer a good buy. Not long after that a PM from Choppy (remember we spammed the other deal and notified him of it) lobs into our PM box.
    Unfortunately, these days, politeness can be a real rareity and we normally ignore this type of reply - yea we have thick skins - but we reckon this one is a bit of an exception and thought we'd put it up for you lot to have a read of and draw your own conclusions. Me personally, I had a bit of a chuckle at it.

    From: diggler [EMAIL="diggler@email.com"][/EMAIL]
    Subject: Re: New Private Message at BuckScoop Forum
    Date: 20 April 2008 08:05:33 GMT+02:00
    To: admin


    Give me details as to why this post is SPAM??

    Its a good deal and very cheap. I think most members would
    agree. If this is spam why is 'Big W - 18 Pack Softly Toilet paper $5.98'
    ground breakingly better. I know which one I'd pick. Toilet paper,
    you wipe your arse and its gone.Seems ironic.Buckscoop-Big W and toilet paper.
    At least this product is similar in price and will last longer than a months worth of poop..

    I really think this goes against the grain of the whole concept of bargain shopping site.

    "One of the goals of Buckscoop is to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships between
    our members and participating merchants. We really believe that integrity, honesty, and transparency
    is a core requirement for all of us."

    I guess Big-W is a participating merchant. Yeah right
  • admin2008/04/20 20:37:31
    Big W toilet paper ..... http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?t=8817

    :) - worth a read

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