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Coupons for OO.com.au $10-$100 off Various Items

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2008/01/07 20:20
Check the link for a list of coupons they have at the moment. You may redeem multiple coupons at a time. All coupons valid to 10 January 2008.
  • nod2008/01/08 22:34:00
    Thanks Fairybelle
    Need to go and check to see if anything is of particularly good value :)
  • fairybelle2008/01/09 18:20:40
    If you find any good bargains let us know Nod
  • leny2008/01/10 22:20:45
    This watch has caught my eye: http://www.oo.com.au/_P6606.cfm

    But I'm not particularly confident buying such an expensive item from an online department store. You can't see or feel the item, and can't tell the quality of it. Though I was happy when I bought an LCD TV with an built in DVD player from them before.
  • fairybelle2008/01/10 22:40:37
    Im not sure about those either, i know that you can get exact copies of those TAG watches from China sites. Its so hard to tell the difference.
    But, having said that i have brought designer sunglasses from oo.com.au and i got them autheniticated at a store in syd.
  • admin2008/01/10 22:48:22
    They feel chunky and weighty. Generally very well made. I've got a divers one which has had an absolute hammering and has held up well. Only thing you have to watch is the band - have had the pins break on mine twice. Still havent managed to scratch the face yet. The band has the normal clip down with a locking mechanism and an expansion clip for going on outside wetsuits.

    Battery replacements cost $70 which includes a pressure test (bit of a ripoff I reckon).
  • nod2008/01/10 23:00:02
    I would agree about the tag. Especially as you can get some pretty good fakes. But OO.com.au do guarantee that their items are general
  • fairybelle2008/01/10 23:03:01
    $70 for a battery OUCH thats expensive
  • leny2008/01/10 23:11:37
    Yeah I think I'll pass

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