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COTD - Catchathon 11 ON TODAY!

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2007/11/18 19:31


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  • ScarletRubies2007/11/19 14:53:43
    I am so over COTD. I have received my purchases in good order, but won a couple of their comps, and have not received one prize after many months (and a ton of email) and two of the boxes of stuff I *did* get for other prizes had broken pieces - and I'm getting no response to my emails.

    I won't vote cold because I did get what I paid for, but I'm a bit cold on these guys, and won't shop at Daily Deals either.

    *she said, grumpily*
  • MamaK2007/11/19 14:57:53
    yep, over them too. Cheap prices don't make up for bad customer service in my books. Voted warm
  • scatman002007/11/19 15:19:23
    Also seems they are totally prtected against paypal claims. Have had one item where nothing showed up, and once where the item was not as described. They are automatically closed with nothing done about them. I make sure all purchases are now through CC so i can chargeback that way now.
  • lilpretzel2007/11/19 15:25:06
    Still waiting on a refund for my daughers shirt that didn't work :mad:
    Nearly a month now.
  • elegantegotist2007/11/19 15:59:59
    If you have a gripe about a company let [url]www.notgoodenough.com.au[/url] know about it ! They will try and make things happen if you can't do it yourself.

    They obviously don't give a stuff about their customers, all they are concerned about is moving their stock (and a lot of it is utter pooki to use one of their terms).
  • lilpretzel2007/11/19 16:51:01
    Totally agree there, POOKI!!

    I for one will not be listing anymore of there so call deals, too many bad stories plus my own experience with there none poor after service.


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