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COTD - Asus EEE PC 1000HE Netbook $659 (or $619 for first 1000) FREE SHIPPING

Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2009/06/18 12:22
I have the older model (1000H) and I loved it.

Great price as the rrp is $899.

First 1000 units sold and paid via PAYPAL will get an extra $40 off, making it $619.

Shipping is free.

Available in Black or White
Expiry date:2009/06/19
  • aussiebuddha2009/06/18 14:09:58
    sorry for complaining.
    But I dont get why all of the sudden all the netbooks are so pricy.
    Last year I bought a 1000H which has almost the same specs as this for $500 from JBHIFI.
    Am I missing something?
  • fishmonkey2009/06/18 21:32:56
    the global financial crisis maybe?
  • admin2009/06/19 19:01:47
    Probably more "What the market will bear" - netbooks are now popular - which probably leads them to making them pricier
  • Keeys2009/06/19 19:20:52
    I also wondering if people don't mind paying more when going to get 50% back if you have kids? Thanks to Rudd.

    Almost everyone we know with kids have gone and bout one or more laptops in the last 6months.
  • aussiebuddha2009/06/19 20:15:01
    do you guys reckon they'll price match the one i bought for $500 last year in jbhifi? If so, maybe I can scam and post it.
  • admin2009/06/19 21:08:49
    You'll probably find that they wont accept the price from a place like catchoftheday - although I could be wrong
  • fishmonkey2009/06/19 21:09:49
    well, the Aussie dollar did plunge nearly 20%...

    it's back up around 80 US cents now, but most tech prices still reflect the uncertain exchange rate (or course there are other factors too)...

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