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COTD - 500GB USB POWERED portable hard drive - $99.95 +6.95 shipping

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Posted By: cnitso, posted 2009/09/22 06:52
Hi guys got this email last night from Catch of the day. Thought it was a pretty good deal for 500GB. Usually a 320gb model goes for this price. Just $106.90 all up including postage. Only on today though.


Just to avoid confusion. This is not your typical external hard drive that you need a power supply for and a 3.5inch enclosure. You can usually buy one of them for about $120 for 1TB (1000GB) This is a passport drive, one that you carry around in your pocket and can plug into any usb port. These will usually retail for about $150.00 or more unless you get them on special like you've got here - check out Umart or Mwave if you don't believe me.

Hope that clears things up END EDIT#####

500GB Astone 2.5" Portable Hard Disk $99.95 Pocket Sized, Portable, USB Powered.

A pocket size Astone enclosure, with a whopping 500GB Western Digital drive for only $99.95. With a very well finished, slick black casing, it's ready to fulfill your portable storage needs in style. Make no mistake folks, this is not your ordinary, large sized external hard drive that needs a cumbersome AC adaptor to operate, it's powered simply by USB and fits in your pocket! All this for only under $100, what else are you waiting for? Stocks are limited for this one folks, don't miss out!


* Astone ISO GEAR 288 Series
o OS Support: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/Mac OS
o USB2.0 high speed interface up to 480Mb/Sec transfer rate
o Power Supply: Internal USB2.0 Power (No need external Power)
o Size (WxDxH): 140 x 85 x 13 mm
o PC and Mac Compatible

* WD Scorpio Blue - WD5000BEVT
o Rotational Speed 5,400 RPM (nominal)
o Buffer Size 8 MB
o Average Latency 5.50 ms (nominal)

Package Contents:

* Enclosure
* USB Y-Cable

2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Expiry date:2009/09/22
  • admin2009/09/22 07:39:24
    Interesting. First time I've seen a 2.5" enclosure although I'm sure there's plenty around.
  • cnitso2009/09/22 08:06:07
    Sorry just updated the deal. It's a portable hard drive not a normal 3.5 inch one. As far as I know portable ones always have a 2.5inch enclosure. Sorry for confusion. If it was a normal external hard drive this would be a terrible deal (U can usually find a 1TB model for near that price).

    My apologies to everyone for the slightly misleading title.
  • Rebekah762009/09/22 08:16:45
    We got a 1Tb Astone from Topbuy just the other day for $114
  • cnitso2009/09/22 08:49:29
    Hi Rebekah

    Astone don't make 1TB portable drives. What u probably brought is a 1TB Samsung/WD drive I think and u put it into an enclosure (made by Astone). Which I believe still requires a power cord/adapter to actually use. + It is bigger than this one in size. So we're comparing apples to oranges. So by definition it's just another external hard drive, way different to the one on offer here

    This one is a pocket hard drive almost like a usb stick just the size of about a passport or wallet that you can carry around anywhere and plug into anything with a usb port without having to plug it into a power supply.

    I'm only guessing but something like this is probably what you bought - just a bit cheaper. http://www.topbuy.com.au/tbcart/pc/1TB-External-Hard-Drive-Astone-eSATA-USB-1000GB-WD10EAV-p14460.htm They're very different products to the one here.
  • admin2009/09/22 17:28:26
    What I'm interested in is that being an astone encolsure with seperate drive it should be openable so you can swap out the drives as you fill them - although I cant seem to find anything that says you can.
  • admin2009/09/22 17:31:48
    Review on it here.

    There's a screw on the bottom of the case so maybe you can open it up.
  • fishmonkey2009/09/22 17:44:49
    Interesting. First time I've seen a 2.5" enclosure although I'm sure there's plenty around.

    do you mean enclosures sans drives?
  • fishmonkey2009/09/22 17:48:28
    this is a good price, it's cheaper than most places sell the raw drive itself... one downside is that those Western Digital Scorpio Blue WD5000BEVT drives should have a 3 year warranty, so you are losing a year of warranty in this deal...

    also, does anyone know what's involved in using the manufacturer's warranty on Astone gear?
  • admin2009/09/22 17:59:42
    Ok.... so the actual enclosure itself retails for about $23.00 - $30.00. Looks like its definately a swappable thing. The drive COTD have included in the deal retails for $115 upwards. So looks like the COTD price is good.

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