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Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2008/08/14 09:24
I came across this today, and thought I would post it here. Basically you have to sign up to Commsec and you get a free Commonwealth Bank Debit Mastercard. There's more to it, so you might want to have a read through...but it sounds good for those who are looking for a FREE everyday account with no fees and no balance minimum.

Your Commsec Cash Account is an everyday transaction account with NO MONTHLY account fees that also pays 3% pa interest on balances of $5,000 and over. Credit your salary and dividens into your Cash Account and use fee-free online transacting to pay bills, transfer money and BPAY.

Your Investment Account pays a very competitive 7.5% pa interest on every dollar. Instantly transfer excess balances from your Cash Account to make the most of your spare money or you can set the AUTOSWEEP to let us automatically transfer your excess balances weekly or monthly.

Accessing your cash is easy with your Commsec Debit Mastercard and unlike an EFTPOS card you can use it online and over the phone. You also dont pay any annual card fees. It also allows you to withdraw cash at over 900,000 ATMS globally and fee-free at any Commonwealth Bank ATM in Australia. Your CommSec Debit Mastercard is welcome at over 25mil locations worldwide and Mastercard Zero Liability indemnifies you against unauthorised transactions.

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  • leny2008/08/14 10:57:36
    Where is the Mastercard Debit card? This is one products we have been waiting for, for a long, long, long long long long long time.
  • queenshrew2008/08/14 11:59:04
    Well..according to the website or what I can make from it after I get pass all the garbage (lol) You get one when you open up an account with Commsec cash account :)
    They'll send you one in the mail I presume, or you go pick up one from the Commonwealth bank?

    Whatever..I want one hehe :D

    Edit: I am applying for one ..well I was before I got interrupted by someone and had to cook pancakes for her..so now I'll put my app through..
  • leny2008/08/14 12:25:21
    I'd like one of they offered it on the everyday account. I doubt they do though because I can't see it anywhere on the website.
  • queenshrew2008/08/14 13:06:56
    Hi Leny, when I open up an application form, it asks if I want:

    CommSec Cash Management
    * Everyday Cash Account with no account fees.
    * A High Interest Investment account.
    * Worldwide access with a Debit MasterCard®.
    * Linked to a free Share Trading Account.

    Which I tick yes :)

    The catch is..you have to have a commsec trading account, or open a new one.
    But the Trading account is free anyway, you only have to pay if you're trading (which is what you would pay the broker + more anyway).

    ETA: If you want to get pass all the 'garbage' and get straight to the facts, click on the heading that says JUST THE FACTS instead of TAKE THE CHALLENGE. The 'JUST THE FACTS' section will give you all the info :)
  • leny2008/08/14 23:43:29
    Well that great and I hope they introduce it across a wider range of banking products (The MasterCard Debit Card). :thumbsup:
  • leny2008/08/14 23:44:06
    hahaha somebody's put Direct Debit Card in the title..!?! :p
  • queenshrew2008/08/14 23:54:11
    Uh..that would be moi.. I didn't even notice it as this thread disappeared into nowhere since you left this morning lol

    I post too often..half the time my fingers type faster than my mind :(
  • melissanj2008/08/15 11:47:15
    FINALLY!!!! :D thanks for letting us know!
  • melissanj2008/09/02 12:02:46
    i finally have my account but its hard to understand where to go on the site.......so many options and no real instructions for those wanting to use just the mastercard :(

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