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*** Come grab your share of BUCKSCOOP'S BIRTHDAY CASH *** .... The HOTTEST DEAL

Posted By: nod, posted 2009/10/01 08:59
Well tis the 1st day of Buckscoop's 3rd Birthday month celebrations.
We have a number of things in store for you all ... exclusive Buckscoop cashback bonuses, Games and frivolity and Hottest deal cash.

To kick things off we are launching our Hottest Deal Comp ... nice and simple :-)

We know you guys normally post up a deal just for the fun of it but this month, each week the 3 members that post that week's 3 hottest deals will pocket $20 cash.

Here are a few rules:
1. You can't vote for your own deal. We will be keeping an eye out
2. Contests are excluded.
3. Freebies are included
**4. One prize per member (my apologies for this not being clearer. I thought the 3 members above was enough. Sorry)

Week one starts today. Here is the schedule for the Month of October:
WEEK 1: Thursday 1st 09:00 to Wednesday 7th 23:59:59
WEEK 2: Thursday 8th 00:00 to Wednesday 14th 23:59:59
WEEK 3: Thursday 15th to Wednesday 21st
WEEK 4: Thursday 22nd to Wednesday 28th .... you get the pattern

So knock yourselves out ....

Other tricks and treats will be heading your way soon so keep your eyes posted ... Good luck all

  • taskel2009/10/01 09:09:38
    HOT!!!!! :D Great! Can't wait! :)
  • golfwidow2009/10/01 10:36:26
  • kazyazy2009/10/01 10:53:28
  • nod2009/10/05 20:23:06
    Nice to see some great deals coming through the board :)

    Don't forget to vote on the deals that you like
  • lilpretzel2009/10/05 20:26:42
    I've been voting :)
  • nod2009/10/05 20:33:43
    :D me too :)
  • fairybelle2009/10/05 21:06:31
  • admin2009/10/05 23:02:16
    :D - are we supposed to guess what your writing fairybelle
  • lilpretzel2009/10/05 23:23:34
    Can't you see the photo fairybelle posted donkey?

  • nod2009/10/05 23:34:30
    I cant see it either :D but I can see the one you posted LP - odd
  • kazyazy2009/10/06 00:32:37
    I can see it ....how strange
  • admin2009/10/06 00:59:36
    ha ..... something wacky there.
  • fairybelle2009/10/06 09:55:41
    Its the invisible ink that i use ????
  • nod2009/10/06 19:16:47
    :D It must be
  • kazyazy2009/10/07 16:28:49
    Its been a tough week to get a HOT rated deal. None of my deals have been going as well as usual lol :D
  • fairybelle2009/10/08 16:55:04
    So week 1 was over yesterday...right?
  • melscott282009/10/08 17:23:14
    Whos won ?
  • nod2009/10/08 18:04:28
    Yep ... was over last night ... takes a while to tally them up :D

    Winner shall be announced 8PM EDST TONIGHT :)
  • kazyazy2009/10/08 19:34:52
    I'm sure its not me but its still exciting :D...Good luck everyone
  • melscott282009/10/08 19:37:31
    well it definatly not me but i think ive been seeing alot more deals being posted. has there been a rise with this comp on?
  • kazyazy2009/10/08 19:54:50
    There is alot more deals. I think its really good! :D
  • nod2009/10/08 20:40:46
    [SIZE="5"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]And the winners of our first week are ......

    [COLOR="Blue"]MAMAK and her crocs
    TASKEL and MSY sale
    FROGDUCK and the free titanium peeler :w00t: [/COLOR]

    Next weeks comp has already started so get out there bargain hunting .... remember quality is the key ... not necessarily volume
  • kazyazy2009/10/08 20:44:15

    MamaK, Taskel & Frogduck !!
  • golfwidow2009/10/08 21:02:11
    [COLOR="Cyan"]CONGRATS[/COLOR] guys. There are plenty of deals around for you to spend up on :D
  • golfwidow2009/10/08 21:53:41
    For the next leg please remember the more info you offer the more likely people will stop and vote. Things like Merchant name in the heading, all info (including T&C's) etc make a big difference when people know it all up front and can make a decision and vote compared to if they have to suss it out themselves and forget to vote :)
  • frogduck2009/10/09 01:13:01
    Awesome :D thanks guys, do I have to do anything to claim it? didn't know much about this competition :(
  • nod2009/10/09 01:30:57

    More info Here

    Prize can either be claimed via Paypal or vouchers .. paid at the end of the Birthday month
  • leob2009/10/09 11:19:30
    Nice work...you've reached the big ol number 1:)

  • MamaK2009/10/09 11:29:48
    Thanks :D I didn't even realise this was running.

    It's my birthday today too ;)
  • NoosieB2009/10/09 11:39:23
    Congratulations Week 1 Winners - Taskel, MamaK & Frogduck - WELL DONE
    And Happy Birthday to you MamaK.
    :) :flowers:
  • fairybelle2009/10/09 11:40:38
    Thanks :D I didn't even realise this was running.

    It's my birthday today too ;)

    Happy Birthday to you to MamaK!
  • melscott282009/10/09 13:05:02
    Thanks :D I didn't even realise this was running.

    It's my birthday today too ;)

    Happy birthday MamaK :flowers:
  • melscott282009/10/15 16:59:34
    How about week 2 winners?
  • nod2009/10/15 19:39:55
    Just about to post them up :)
  • nod2009/10/15 19:44:30
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"]And the winners for WEEK 2 are ....

    [COLOR="Red"]Fairybelle with her sport protector freebie
    Yovi with another freebie .. the laminex apron
    And Lisss with her freebie Nivea lotion
  • kazyazy2009/10/22 13:03:27
    Fingers crossed I think I might have a chance this week :thinking:
  • nod2009/10/23 09:49:41
    Sorry this was a bit late being announced

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"]Winners for Week 3 ....

    [COLOR="Red"]Kazyazy with her old gold choccies
    Taskel with her cereal $5 coles voucher
    Geo78 with free soap
    and Rhys for his Deals Direct free shipping jumps in as an extra [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • kazyazy2009/10/23 10:03:32
    Thank you so much and congrats to Taskel & Geo78
    :D :w00t: :D
  • golfwidow2009/10/23 10:08:27
    Choccy is always a winner! :D Congrats Kazy.

    Also CONGRATS Taskel and Geo :)
  • taskel2009/10/23 10:22:10
    Well done Kazy & Geo!!! :D

    Thanks so much Buckscoop! :D :flowers: :D
  • geo782009/10/23 13:54:03
    thank you very much! and congrats to all other winners!
  • kazyazy2009/10/23 16:44:55
    I thought there was other deals higher than the soap.. 2 of mine were rated higher unless the deal has lost hotness since last night. But I am guessing you can only win once.


  • lilpretzel2009/10/23 16:49:18
    nod made a change to week 3 & 4 deal terms.

    Going by the temps I can see the other 2 deals are higher, your deal had 99° the other 2 are - 117° & 115°

    I will pass this on to Admin for you :)

    As we are getting a lot of freebies into the top 3 I am going to shake things up a bit and change the rules a little for the last two weeks.

    *$*$*$ For Week 3 and 4 of the comp here is how the prizes will be awarded:
    One $20 voucher for the hottest freebie and
    Two $20 for the hottest deals *$*$*$*$
  • kazyazy2009/10/23 16:51:39
    Thanks Lp..I didn't see the change of rules. I was a bit confused too. :confused:
  • nod2009/10/23 18:03:28
    Hey guys
    The prize is for 3 members. So the $20 has been given once to each member.
    Rhys your deal was included in the list but as stated in the rule change we are giving a prize to the top 2 deals and top freebie
    But hey it is our birthday and as you were the 3rd highest deal we shall send $20 your way at the end of the month :)
  • craftykiwi2009/10/23 18:17:03
    Congrats to the winners. Well done. :)

    Can't see the free soap deal though. Can someone point me in the right direction? Only one I found was one that was expired cos it's out of date.
  • nod2009/10/28 20:10:25
    Last day today !

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