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Coles - MTV High Definition Set Top Box only $49

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Posted By: sum1, posted 2009/03/10 19:39
Get all the high definition channels and extra content on your TV! This price is less than the Standard Definition boxes that can't.

Features HDMI and Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Remote control is included, as are Composite video (red-white-yellow plug on every tv), Component, and VGA outputs. It also has an optical audio output which would suggest it can do 5.1 surround sound.

Combine it with the $389 Dell 24" widescreen LCD monitor (plus 3% Buckscoop cashback) and you can get full HD for $438!

Seen in coles junk-mail catalogue for Thurs 12 March to Wed 18 March 2009. On the same page they have a half price 34cm Colour TV for $49 which like any tv should go fine with this box.
Expiry date:2009/03/18
  • nod2009/03/10 20:11:13
    Bargain combo if you grab the box and the 34cm tv. I figure you would get a basic one year warranty too
    Nice deal - thanks Sum1
  • fishmonkey2009/03/10 21:45:19
    ideally for full HD TV in Australia you want to pair a HD set top box with a 16:9 ratio screen, with 1920 x 1080 resolution, capable of 50Hz vertical refresh rate (or multiples of 50Hz)...

    there are various other technical requirements for a screen to work really well as a TV display, but these are the most basic desirable specs...

    1920 x 1080 (which is a 16:9 ratio) is the native resolution of HDTV in Australia, and vertical refresh rates are multiples of 50Hz because household mains power is 50Hz AC...

    only a very small minority of LCD monitors are 16:9 ratio (most are 16:10), and the majority will not go down to 50Hz vertical refresh...

    most content will still look okay on a monitor that does not support 50Hz vertical refresh, but some sports and things like news show ticker tape displays may exhibit juddery movement...
  • admin2009/03/11 09:26:58
    Allright. Wetting myself laughing. Who else had Kay Nitez deliver her dialogue in staccato fashion. I got about every 5th frame with intermittent sound in between. Her movements, expressions and the dragging sound cracked me up. Ummmmmm - surely coles have a little more money to spend on their site - or am I dreaming.

    Anyway - dont forget to "click here."
  • sum12009/03/12 01:37:53
    When I started reading your post I was thinking you'd bought one of these and had bad reception or something...

    Anyhow, since coles finally has this catoluge online I've included their picture and made a direct link so there's no more Kay Nitez.
  • ntowill2009/03/12 11:15:12
    If your after a cheaper HD set top box, Bing Lee have them for $29 at the moment I think. I've seen their ad a couple if times in the paper - including on the front page of last Sunday's Sun Herald (Sydney) (bottom of the page). I don't have the paper anymore but I'm pretty sure it was a HD one. It's not in their catalogue.

    Bing Lee also have a Kingston 4GB "2009 Chinese New Year USB Flash Drive" for $14.95. Will put a post up about this now.
  • ntowill2009/03/12 13:21:17
    Just saw the Bing Lee ad again and it doesn't anything about HD or SD so I presume it's SD. Sorry about that guys...
  • vscomgirl2009/03/13 07:43:43
    Anyone else had any problems with getting this to work? We tried it on 2 tvs at our place and over at a friends just a blurry screen.
  • robs2009/03/13 08:30:54
    I have read elsewhere that it's a problem with the resolution - trying pressing the res button a few times?
  • fishmonkey2009/03/13 09:14:33
    Anyone else had any problems with getting this to work? We tried it on 2 tvs at our place and over at a friends just a blurry screen.

    which outputs on the set top box are you using, and what inputs on the TVs? and what kind of cable?

    what do you mean by "blurry screen"? is there an actual picture that's blurry?
  • vscomgirl2009/03/13 18:51:22
    Thank you for the replies we set it up using the av cable and the antenna. The screen was black and white fuzz no picture. We have taken it back to coles for a refund.
  • fishmonkey2009/03/13 19:05:36
    as you can imagine at $49 they aren't the highest quality units in the world!
  • nelly2009/03/16 20:21:03
    as you can imagine at $49 they aren't the highest quality units in the world!

    Nor do they seem to a have a lot in stock. I wanted a basic on for the kids to be able to get the other ABC kids chanels but so far a number of my local coles have sold out or did not have stock. Although, maybe it is a good thing if all we were going to get was fuzz :D

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