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Coles - 24 x 375ml Fanta / Lift / Sprite - All Half Price - $11.39 (Save $11.40)

Posted By: taskel, posted 2010/03/31 17:32
From Thursday Coles have Sprite, Lift & Fanta 24 pack of cans for $11.39 - 47c Per can!
Expiry date:2010/04/07
  • kazyazy2010/03/31 18:16:19
    At my local Coles I thought the normal price for these was $15.99. I wonder if they will be cheaper like $8.
  • Donkey2010/03/31 19:35:08
    It might be Coles marketing it as half the 'RRP' rather than half the store price kazy
  • kazyazy2010/03/31 23:40:29
    I haven't bought them for so long so maybe the price has gone up since then...when I saw they were over $20 I was like no way for 24 cans :eek:
  • fairybelle2010/04/01 00:04:20
    Hot from me, Always like to stock up when the soft drink cans are cheap.
    It gets too expensive when my boyfriend buys them from the 7-11 for around $2-$2.50 a can almost everyday...
    I try to stock up and make him take a drink with him to work.
  • kazyazy2010/04/01 00:18:06
    Yeah it would be a great time to stock up.. shame it doesn't include coke :(
  • lisss2010/04/01 00:29:23
    I wonder if it includes diet drinks? I doubt it... :( We only buy diet cans in this household, I know they're as unhealthy as full sugar in different ways but I cant bring myself to drink a sugary can of softdrink.
  • kazyazy2010/04/01 00:33:10
    Same I only drink pepsi max ...though for half price I would stock up on coke for visitors but not fanta, sprite or lift.

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