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Coles - 20% off $100 mobile recharge vouchers

Posted By: snoozin99, posted 2009/01/06 14:00
20% off $100 recharge vouchers for Optus, Virgin, Telstra & Vodaphone at Coles. Pay $80 save $20.

Also have a deal for 30% of all Telstra Prepaid mobile phones at Coles too.
Expiry date:2009/01/14
  • admin2009/01/06 21:32:43
    I'm assuming the shelf life on the credit will be about 3 months ?
  • snoozin992009/01/06 22:05:53
    sorry, wouldn't have a clue? Found this in the latest Coles brochure in my junk mail today LOL. Doesn't say anything more that what I have written. Starts 8th Jan.

    I am going shopping tomorrow so I'll ask at Coles....probably get a blank stare at the Customer Service desk but you never know your luck, hey?
  • admin2009/01/06 22:24:51
    :) - I see you have lots of faith in coles customer services
  • tlaing2009/01/06 23:17:37
    I'm assuming the shelf life on the credit will be about 3 months ?

    Last time they ran this deal (a month ago) I stocked up, the expiry dates on those ones were all 1 Jan 2010. (Purchased 10 Dec 2008).

    I'm gonna grab a couple more, I should be good to keep recharging for the next few months!
  • admin2009/01/06 23:21:20
    ahhh - one year is good. At least it gives you time to use the credit. Nice
  • Brad2009/01/06 23:37:19
    Remember - the date the voucher expires and how long it will last once applied to your account are usually completely different.

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