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Click Frenzy Sale Nov 20th 2012 7pm (Like Cyber Monday)

Posted By: normie, posted 2012/11/13 21:09
Click Frenzy is modelled on the successful Cyber Monday in the US.

For those who dont know about Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday was launched as a way for online retailers to capitalise on the Thanksgiving Holiday Black Friday phenomenon. Black Friday (following the Thanksgiving Day feast on the last Thursday in November) is the biggest retail sales day on the US calendar. Now, Cyber Monday (following that weekend) is the biggest online sales event in the US, growing explosively every year.

Dont really know what retailers will be part of click frenzy at this stage but may be worth looking at.
Expiry date:2012/11/20
  • Donkey2012/11/13 22:19:17
    Was just reading about this. Be interesting to see whether its just another crappy marketing ploy or whether they will come out with some real value buys. Good thread to start normie. Hot from me.
  • wfdTamar2012/11/19 08:07:21
    Heaps of sellers. Will remain to see if the servers can cope and what the deals are like.
  • rachieio2012/11/19 17:45:07
    General Pants have just announed 20% if you spend over $100. Like you say fingers crossed the servers don't crash but not holding my breath!
  • Donkey2012/11/19 22:24:33
    I'm going to do a better write up on this but for the moment my thoughts are - and yep I'm a cynic.

    Server meltdowns. The click frenzy site has been setup to deal with half a million visitors over 24 hours. I suspect thats way under what they need and this may be the first bottleneck. Then there's the mechanics of the fact that click frenzy is just aggregating the deals - you still need to click through to the merchant site for the purchase. Bottleneck 2.

    Stock levels. The really good bargains will be very limited stock. Combine that with bogged down servers and haven't we all been there before on the frustration sale. No advance warning has been given as to whats on sale. The usual mentality will be there - attract you in on a very limited headline item hoping to make a bunch off the long tail purchases.

    Quality - some of the merchants on the list are on the crappy end of the scale when it comes to flogging you low end cheap and cheerful. Really - do you need that throwaway media player.

    Deep discounting - there's a good number of those merchants in there that perma discount or rolling discount anyway. Its going to take something special for the offer to be 'good' by comparison to that which you can get any other day of the week.

    The timing. Really….. are we expected to believe that merchants are going to be deep discounting items that would be being bought anyway given that its smack bang at start of the peak retail season and people will be madly buying gifts at full margin prices later in the month.
  • eron2012/11/19 22:45:26

    The timing. Really….. are we expected to believe that merchants are going to be deep discounting items that would be being bought anyway given that its smack bang at start of the peak retail season and people will be madly buying gifts at full margin prices later in the month.

    Online retailers with clout, trying to establish themselves would give good discounts. This is a chance to reach out to millions of online shoppers. Do it wrong and they will lose the potential customers.

    Else, this is the beginning of the shopping season, so if a retailer can steal a specific buy ahead of another, he wins.

    For the sake of the online retailers and online shoppers, I hope retailers that signed up do give decent discounts. Else online shoppers will avoid those retailers that subscribed to this 'frenzy'.
  • rachieio2012/11/20 10:58:32
    Heres a list of the ones I know so far:

    Surfstitch is offering a decent discount of 25% but you need to spend over $80 to qualify.
    General Pants 20% off for $100 spend.
    Jeanswest has 40% off storewide.
    Decent deals across the store for one day at David Jones and Myer (check out the websites)
    Big W have $15 off when you spend over $150.
    Red Ballon have $22 off everything or $50 off spend over $200
    Pumpkin Patch has 20% off everything + free delivery
    Kogan apparently has 46-inch TV for $499 (33 per cent off) and 22-inch TV with built-in personal video recorder for $139 (26 per cent off).
    Telstra also unveiled two of its Click Frenzy specials - half-price on all BigPond Music albums and half-price bed linen on its BigPond Shopping website.

    Here is the list of Dick Smith ‘Click Frenzy" deals:
    - 32" FULL HD LED TV $50 off
    - Topfield 320GB PVR $50 off
    - PIXMA MG5350 Multifunction Printer $100 off
    - SONY 7" LCD Digital Photo Frame $49.50 off
    - Navman MY350LMT In Car GPS $70 off
    - Etrex10 handheld GPS $35 off
    - Seagate Backup Plus 500GB Portable Hard Drive $31 off (normal RRP $99)
    - Dick Smith 2 Channel DVD Player $20 off

    Thats all I know so far. Not terribly exciting really lets hope for some more good stuff
  • Donkey2012/11/20 11:39:28
    Just posted the surfstitch promo code for the 25% off.

    The big pond discount on albums isnt bad value though Australia is overpriced on music from the start.

    Kogan deal - they do these rolling deep discounts on specific products fairly regularly so although its a good price its not really anything you cant get multiple times across the course of a normal year.

    The dick smith items ... zip ... nada ... that backup really is a case of "why would I spend $70 on a 500gb drive when I can get a branded 1tb external drive for the same price."

    Jeanswest do a family and friends 40% off at least twice a year anyway.

    The red balloon days sounds good in principle as they dont generally cross store discount to 25%, until you drill down into it and find that very few experiences sit on the $200 line so your going to have to dilute the discount down to probably around 16% @ a spend of $300.

    I so desperately want not to be one of these grumpy cynics around this sale but so far rather than being a revolution in stores realising how to utilise online it seems to just be a frenzy of marketing and the same old schmaltz rather than something of value. I wait with baited breath to see what comes up this eve.
  • Donkey2012/11/20 11:45:39
    Classic..... this makes my point.

    Big W ... huge clickfrenzy discount.... $15 off $150

    Big W ..... everyday discount $40 off $300, $10 off $80, and $20 off $100.

    Come on guys........
  • Donkey2012/11/20 13:39:51
    Skincare store - 25% off for 24 hours. See this post.
  • rachieio2012/11/20 15:32:41
    Surf Dive Ski 25% off sitewide hwhen you spend over $80 promo code LOVEIT
    Cotton On 30% everything online from 7pm
    MOHOBU extra 40% off spend over $100 promo code TAKE40
    Gluestore 20% off from 7p m no minimum spend
  • eron2012/11/20 19:03:13
    Can't even see anything.
  • gstok2012/11/20 19:07:23
    Epic Fail. clickfrenzy.com.au is down due to too much demand. Since you have to rely on THAT website to know the deals, it's a total farce. All the retailers should demand refunds (since they had to pay to be part of the 'event').
  • melscott282012/11/20 19:30:32
    After trying for 30 min ive finally got a page to load and It's still got the count down for another 2 and half hours. Does wa have to wait?
  • gstok2012/11/20 20:23:41
    melscott28, they didn't factor in different timezones! But everything has crashed anyway, including retailers. Even the competitor to this site (which had direct links to the retailers). There's much better ways to spend your time then trying this. No-one has reported a really good deal.
  • eron2012/11/20 20:44:33
    If anyone is still interested, there's a proxy link through ozbargain here: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/82102

    Yeah, nothing interesting for me.
  • Donkey2012/11/21 01:56:34
    Domain chandon NV Brut from Dan Murphy's for $99 a bottle. Ok price but pretty dull deal. Mostly for the other deals its just free shipping.

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