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ClearIT - Gorgeous Alannah Hill "Lady in Waiting" Dress $174 (RRP$349) + FREE shipping

Posted By: jezebel8, posted 2012/07/17 04:37
This dress is so pretty and so regal. Comes in navy and only 1 or two left in size 6,8,10,12,14..

I can so imagine it on you gorgeous ladies - attending tea parties, and sipping daintily from your teacups and nibbling on some sugary treats. Would look lovely at weddings or races..

and shipping is FREE for orders over $100
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  • jezebel82012/07/17 04:39:17
    An enhanced picture.. It looks so much better!

  • queenshrew2012/07/17 08:01:27
    I'm somewhat not a fan of this lace dress.
    I prefer Alannah's stuff with silk.

    Lace makes me look frumpy.
    (Maybe psychological scars from years of wearing froufrou gowns with puffy sleeves and frills/lace as a child/tween!!!! Mum's fault!)

    Good price though!

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