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CHOCOLATE !!!!!! Lisss wins 1.5kg, Fairybelle grabs 900g

Posted By: nod, posted 2010/04/12 16:40
And the winners are .....

@@@ LISSS runs away with the a 1.428 kg of chocolate first prize

2nd prize of 873g of chocolate goes to Fairybelle :-)

I have decided to throw in a few extra choccy prizes for some great deals over the last few weeks. All the members below will receive a nice choccy surprise in the post
Bargainhunter for the highest temp deal
Mamak for the highest temp freebie
Kazyazy for coming a very very close 3rd
And a few smaller choccy prizes go to
Ninkasi, Yovi, Labgirl, Cmphoon and Huntresslove

Congrats all. Please PM me the address you want me to send the chocs too

*** EDIT
In the PM please let me know if you want milk, white or dark chocolate
  • melscott282010/04/12 17:26:10
    CONGRATS everyone
  • kazyazy2010/04/12 17:41:00
    Congrats everyone thanks Nod :D
  • fairybelle2010/04/12 19:46:39
    Thank You! and Congrats to all of the other winners!
  • golfwidow2010/04/12 19:50:02
    Yay! Enjoy all that chocolatey goodness members :D
  • MamaK2010/04/12 20:49:21
    Congratulations and thank you Nod :)
  • taskel2010/04/12 21:00:19
    Well done winners! Don't eat it all at once! :D
  • ninkasi2010/04/12 22:10:17
    Hope everyone had a safe & happy easter break, congrats to the other winners, and thanks!
  • queenshrew2010/04/12 22:22:33
    1.5KG of chocolates..omgsh..lol
    Hope you have many people to share all that with :D
  • nod2010/04/12 22:57:29
    Winners please let me know if you prefer white milk or dark chocolate
  • lisss2010/04/13 00:01:03
    OMG! I just came on here to see this... 1.5kg of chocolates!? That's insane. Thanks so much and congrats to the others. I'll be sharing this with family and friends otherwise would get veryy faaaat!!!
  • MamaK2010/04/28 20:17:32
    Thanks for my chocolate buckscoopies, I got a lovely surprise when I got home tonight :D
  • ninkasi2010/04/28 20:37:29
    Thanks from here as well - will share @ work I think... ;-)
  • fairybelle2010/04/28 21:14:00
    OMG - Thank you thank you thank you sooooooo much, was soooooooooooooo happy when I went to the Post Box today... Soo many yummy yummy gooodies. Thanks Buckscoop....
  • kazyazy2010/04/29 00:14:13
    Thanks for my choccies yummmy :D
  • lisss2010/04/29 02:12:11
    Thank u mine arrived today :) We have already demolished 2 blocks in 1 night in this household, don't think they'll last long lol. Thanks Buckscoop!!!
  • nod2010/05/05 17:01:07
    I missed. Glad you all liked your post. Now we need to organise a Buckscoop run :D
  • queenshrew2010/05/06 07:34:31
    I'm in for the run too! Ate too many chockies over easter :o
  • fairybelle2010/05/06 10:57:42
    I will join the buckscoop run... I feel like a marshmallow today....
  • nod2010/05/06 22:14:07
    ... I feel like a marshmallow today....

    :D I know that feeling. Getting out of bed was a chore today

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