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Cheesecake - $5 voucher off a full cake from the cheesecake shop

$20.00Get deal
Posted By: stevehl, posted 2010/04/28 08:30
The Cheesecake Shop started as a family business and we do our best to keep it that way. So become part of the Mamuskas Family and enjoy some very tasty savings. Including a $5 cake voucher to say welcome to the Family. And a further $5 voucher towards any cake of your choice for your birthday all your family can join so thats every family birthday if you want.

Only applies to the purchase of a full cake (ie not half a cake).

A cheesecake is around $25 so with the voucher, $20

Youll find our Mud Cakes, Pavlovas, Meringues, Desserts, Specialty Cakes, and Tortes & Gateaux are made with delicious fresh cream.
  • queenshrew2010/04/28 08:49:36
    Nice deal! Hot from me. Wish I'm having a party!!!
    Pity there's no way I can keep a whole cake in my freezer...
    I really like baked cheese cakes, but I feel ill if I eat too much of it. I can't even finish one whole SLICE by myself >< Actually the thought of eating one whole cheesecake by myself over time, from the freezer makes me feel ill..lol. Such gluttony!
  • bt342010/04/28 14:44:09
    Good find.
    I'm tempted to buy one of their tortes. Haven't bought one in a loooong time.
    Must resist, must resist, must....
  • Donkey2010/04/28 17:20:54
    Hot from me. They're not bad cheesecakes.
  • lilpretzel2010/04/28 18:49:35
    Hot from me!

  • tofucanyon2010/04/28 22:41:38
    crap just bought a cake from cheezecake shop right before this coupon got released!
  • pocus2010/06/01 12:39:55
    I know where I'm going tonight on my way from home.....cheesecake shop, here I come.
  • golfwidow2011/06/14 17:21:43
    Just a bump as this is still valid :)

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