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Cheap mobile for rural use $49

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Posted By: wfdTamar, posted 2011/09/21 09:27
Telstra have the Sony Ericsson Cedar for $49 (including $10 credit) delivered on their prepaid phones site at the moment. It was $59 until a few days ago. Dick Smith and ebay are still selling it for that (whoops - just checked Dick Smith now have it for $49 too, but no mention of free shipping).

This phone is top ranked by them for rural tick-ness (along with the much more expensive Blackberry Torch).

These are the only two phones that they say this about:

'Recommended for customers who want to maximise their coverage. This may be because they live or work outside of regional centres and towns, or in rural locations, or simply need a device with the maximum coverage capability'.

It's a pretty basic phone with smallish keys and (according to reviews) average audio quality. If handheld Next G coverage is your primary concern it might be worth it.

Telstra Next G
Made with casing that includes recycled plastics
Charger with energy saving standby mode
2 Megapixel camera
FM Radio and Media Player
Chat view Text messaging

One thing for Mac 10.7 users - it doesn't sync with it.
  • port2011/09/25 18:14:31
    Occasionally there are other promos for this handset. One recent example was handset + $40 recharge = $59 (at Aussie Post, but now expired).

    One thing for Mac 10.7 users - it doesn't sync with it.

    IIRC there were a number of SE handsets that didn't have Apple supplied sync support, but were supported by 3rd party bridges. Have you checked this out?
  • wfdTamar2011/09/26 08:49:34
    Yes, I found this one that works well. At the moment $13. A lot of functions work without paying.


    I've found the call quality fine. One thing I don't like is it's too easy to hit something that uses data and at $2048 per Gb I don't want to be doing that. There is no global data lock out.

    The Easycall handset would suit me but it doesn't have Bluetooth (for car use).
  • port2011/09/26 17:25:29

    I've found the call quality fine.

    I had wondered about that. It's not easy finding a spot with poor NextG coverage, when living in a metro area.

    One thing I don't like is it's too easy to hit something that uses data and at $2048 per Gb I don't want to be doing that.

    On the flip side, most of the these menu items (all I've found so far) all link to free pages on the Telstra WAP web site.

    However, I can understand your concern, particularly considering that this is a HSPA capable handset (and is thus fairly fast). I'd definitely want a Browse pack if I was using it to connect my PC to the Internet, for example.

    FWIW, you can also get this phone to connect to the Internet through your computer (or Bluetooth PAN, should you happen to have one). This could be handy for any large downloads (such as podcasts) that you might want to put on the phone.

    I do find the carrier branding far too intrusive, but branding is usually the case with mobile phones, unfortunately.

    There is no global data lock out.

    Not on the handset, anyway.

    I suppose you could create an invalid Internet profile, then configure the handset to use it. That could work.

    The Easycall handset would suit me but it doesn't have Bluetooth (for car use).

    I thought EasyCall2 did…

    IME Bluetooth is a definite weak point in this handset. I've found it to be incredibly flakey and unreliable in use. I had pairing fail, and the only way I could get Bluetooth working again was to execute a Master reset.

    A few generic SE handset tips for you, in case you weren't aware of them:

    [*]At the home/standby screen, the four way navigation button has some shortcuts - up for the home screen widgets, down for the address book, right for your shortcut, left to write a message

    [*]Press the volume rocker when the screen is off to show the time

    [*]In the main menu, each of the twelve items corresponds to one of the number keys - e.g. Entertainment is 3

    [*]In menus, the first nine items can be accessed by pressing a number key

    [*]The shortcut menu (use the button under dial) can be customised

    The contacts migration tool is nifty, too.
  • wfdTamar2011/09/26 17:47:53
    By Call quality I meant how people sound, not reception in remote areas.

    If I want anything big on the phone I'll download it normally on the Mac then transfer it via Phone Agent.

    So far the Bluetooth has worked for me, but I haven't used it much. Got it to work through my TomTom which can put the sound through the car radio. The phone GUI on the TomTom seemed to work ok. So I can have music playing from the TomTom which gets paused when a call comes in.

    Only thing I don't have is an external antenna, but I noticed a thing under the back cover which looks a bit like a mounting point for an antenna connecter.

    I made right on the pad a shortcut to Bluetooth On/Off.

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