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Centralsports - Asics runners from $46.53 (plus postage)

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2011/02/08 23:17
My wife is a New Balance person - I'm Asics. I like the way Asics invests money on developing and making quality shoes, rather than sinking enormous amounts into advertising. The prices for Asics here seem quite competitive with, and frequently better than http://paulswarehouse.com.au/ (that up until now generally could be relied upon to have some of the sharpest prices)

For example, you can get the Gel Blackhawk (a decent general shoe) for $85
Boys/girls runners - can be had for $49

And yes they have New Balance, Adidas and even (if you're that way inclined) Nike.

Even better, you can take a further 5% off the prices above by using a code that can be got from the Infiniterewards site mentioned in a previous post - so those $49 shoes cost $46.53.
  • Donkey2011/02/09 01:57:45
    Asics get my vote - have had several pairs of Kayano's before and they're very good.
  • ninkasi2011/02/09 08:13:39
    Yep. The New Balance shoes also seem to be good quality (and my wife says they hold her ankle better than the Asics she's tried). Adidas are normaly OK, but (in my biased opinion, and excluding the high end jobs) Dunlop make shoes just as good for a fraction of the price you can get at Kmart. Nike in general (again, my very biased opinion and a huge generalisation) seem to be overpriced with go faster stripes and funky heels that do very little. I've been told that Nike *do* actually make really good shoes, as used by some of the pros, but you have to know which ones they are and, of course, they are usually stupidly expensive.
  • robs2011/02/09 10:24:01
    I would compare with Wiggle.co.uk before hitting that 'Buy' button.
  • kickling2011/02/09 10:29:35
    Hmm agreed - no Nike shoes in stock either?
  • ninkasi2011/02/09 10:43:05
    I would compare with Wiggle.co.uk before hitting that 'Buy' button.

    Thanks for the suggestion! Definitely a good range of kit, plus like the free shipping offer (once you go over about $83.50). Other than the one pair of boys shoes (size 12 only) for $30.06 the rest seemed to be more expensive. Not by a huge amount though ($52.06 for the girl Gel 1160), so might end up being the same or better if you include shipping costs....

  • ninkasi2011/02/09 11:00:04
    Hmm agreed - no Nike shoes in stock either?

    I swear there were some last night, but perhaps I was imagining it. Anyhow, I will declare my prejudice again and say that other than the high end versions in general the Nike shoes seem to be the equivalent of one of those tricked out bling cars with the lights under the chassis, the gold plated wheels, and a sound system that can make your ears bleed. All very pretty, and not knocking people who like them - but I would prefer to spend the money on something that can actually go around corners. :D

    Shoes can be a very personal thing, but if you haven't already, then go to a shop and try a pair of New Balance or Asics... go on.. you might like 'em.... :)
  • kickling2011/02/09 15:08:49
    Yeah, the Nike link is there but no results :-)

    I'm currently wearing out to the bone (soles) the best and lightest pair of running shoes I've ever owned - Nike Zoom RS, but you're right in saying the brand is all about the "looks".
  • ninkasi2011/02/09 15:36:11
    ...Nike Zoom RS, but you're right in saying the brand is all about the "looks".

    Well, I understand that they do have some good shoes, but a lot of them seem to be more show than go. Bring back the waffle iron, I say. :D

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