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CD WOW - Neopets Puzzle Adventure Nintendo DS Game - ONLY $11.66 Shipped - BE Quick..

$11.66Get deal
Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2009/11/28 00:03
Just grabbed one of these for a stocking filler, I'm shocked at the price as when price checking online it's priced at around $50.00, dStore has it for $63.80 ( ouch )

* New promo started today so the price has increased to $11.66 from $11.40 - Cheers lilpretzel *
  • lilpretzel2009/11/28 00:06:23
    You can also get it in Wii OR PC platform for $14.95.

    Grab them now before the word gets out. :xmas3:
  • kazyazy2009/11/28 00:14:24
    Got one ..Thanks LP :D
  • kazyazy2009/11/28 00:48:25
    I was just wondering if all the DS games at cd wow are for the Australian DS. I have never bought any games there before. I know that dvds have regions but wasn't sure about the games. :confused: ... and are they for DS lite or DSi??
  • lilpretzel2009/11/28 09:51:34
    Morning Kazy, Yes all are for Aussie DS, this game is for the DS you need to see DSi in the game title ;)

    The price is now $11.66 as a new promo started today.
  • kazyazy2009/12/19 01:39:18
    Have you received yours yet Lp ?.. I am still waiting for mine and Christmas is coming so quickly :)
  • lilpretzel2009/12/19 04:19:30
    I finally received mine yesterday Kazy, the parcel was marked priority :)
  • kazyazy2009/12/19 08:25:15
    Coool things from overseas have been taking alot longer at the moment.. they must be so busy... Hopefully mine arrives soon :D
  • Donkey2009/12/19 23:57:08
    Nice find LP.
  • kazyazy2009/12/21 17:16:17
    Mine arrived today :D

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