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CD WOW - BE VERY QUICK! Wii Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Game - ONLY $10.64 Shipped

Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2009/03/20 22:09
Now this has to be my BARGAIN of the week!!

I just scored Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Game for the Wii

ONLY $10.64 Shipped.

A quick search I found it for $47.00 on Aussie Gamer.
$10.64Get deal
  • lilpretzel2009/03/20 22:16:42
    Hurry! Limited Stock
  • dustbunni2009/03/20 22:19:17
    Thanks lilpretzel
    great find, great price
    just scored one for friends childs birthday next month x x

    went back and bought 2 more for other birthdays at that price lol

    thank you
  • lilpretzel2009/03/20 22:24:22
    That's great dustbunni, glad to help you save some $$$

  • kermi2009/03/20 22:35:56
    [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Thanks a mega bunch LP!!

    Knew there was a reason I was still awake. ;)[/COLOR]
  • voteoften2009/03/20 22:36:16
    I bought one and we don;t even have a wii! Any more el cheapos???
  • Keeys2009/03/20 22:39:35
    Thanks soooooooooo much for this BARGIN!!!

    I was wrapped when I got cars for wii today for $28 but this is just WOW!!!!
  • lilpretzel2009/03/20 22:40:44
    LOL You crack me up VO :D

    Depends on what you are after, did you check the DVD bargain basement?
    CD WOW - Dirty Dancing 15th Anniversary DVD - ONLY $4.76 Shipped

    Just a reminder our free $2.00 vouchers don't work on discounted items.
  • mouldgirl2009/03/20 23:28:18
    just got 3 :w00t: Thanx LP
  • lilpretzel2009/03/20 23:41:36
    Look what you did mouldgirl :w00t:

    Due to high demand, this item is temporarily out of stock. Check back soon!

    Well done Buckscooper's, I'm sure we scooped most of these and the other game... Buckscoop is just to quick in finding & posting bargains!

  • kazyazy2009/03/21 10:43:40
    I went to bed early last night and missed out :eek: ...Excellent find lilpretzel :D
  • admin2009/03/21 19:44:08
    Awesome find lilpretzel :)
  • lilpretzel2009/03/21 20:26:25
    Thanks guys :)

    Talk about quick, all my orders from last night have already been sent :w00t:
  • snoozin992009/03/22 01:14:02
    damn it...missed it! LOL girls would have loved it too!
  • voteoften2009/03/22 10:46:19
    My order has been shipped as well. How many did you buy LP?
  • lilpretzel2009/03/22 15:13:53
    2 x Madagascar & 2 x Need For Speed VO.

  • admin2009/03/22 22:12:57
    damn it...missed it! LOL girls would have loved it too!

    :D you snooze - you lose....
  • snoozin992009/03/22 22:31:46
    hee hee...too true! But hey, I have $10+ to use on another bargain...another day!
  • Keeys2009/03/22 23:05:38
    I'm amazed how quickly this appeared on other sites ;)
  • kjr13f2009/03/23 08:27:28
    great deal!!
  • lilpretzel2009/03/23 08:39:39
    I'm amazed how quickly this appeared on other sites ;)

    I don't mind sharing but it would be nice if they credited me with the deal ;)
  • lilpretzel2009/03/23 16:24:21

    The price is now $56.76 :eek:
  • kermi2009/03/27 10:47:29
    [FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Mine arrived yesterday... in packaging from Hong Kong. [/COLOR][/FONT]
  • lilpretzel2009/03/27 12:04:21
    Same, very happy and so is Miss 8 :)
  • Keeys2009/03/27 13:06:58
    Mine just arrived......I'm now going to use it to bribe the kids into cleaning their rooms before they can use it hehe
  • admin2009/03/27 19:42:07
    :D - nasty.....

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