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Catchoftheday - Catchathon from noon today.... *extended* again!

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/04/28 07:43
Missed a "catchoftheday" deal recently? This is your chance to get it.... They've extended it by another day and but some different things up....

Edit: and it's still going, and they've put some extra items on...
Expiry date:2010/05/01
  • spodosaurus2010/04/29 01:38:32
    A couple of the items they're selling today I've purchased from them and quite like. These are the 8 switched outler powerboard from Bosston and the 13 port powered USB hub.

    The power board is nice, but you have to remember which switches work which side (the only annoying bit detracting from this product).

    The USB hub works both powered and unpowered and uses up 2 usb ports on the PC. With the power plugged in it will run 2.5" external hard drives without issue (using a Y cable - I haven't tried it with a straight through single USB port cable).

    I don't think you'll go wrong with either of these products.

    EDIT: if they offer up the refurbished Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB player again for $39, grab one! It's great!
  • lisss2010/04/29 02:24:43
    This was the first catchathon that I have actually thought had good deals....

    I got sucked in and bought:

    -Mystery brand 3.5" GPS. Needed a cheap one and for $60 can't go wrong.
    -Unlocked Samsung mobile phone $25 - needed a cheap backup phone
    -Apple notepads x 5 for $5 - I wanted this from Deal Extreme for $2 something US per notebook, so $1AU each is great.
    -Steel man paper clips - $3 - for the novelty value.

    I could have added a few more useless items to my basket but restrained myself!
  • ninkasi2010/04/29 10:39:20
    if they offer up the refurbished Sandisk Sansa Fuze 4GB player again for $39, grab one! It's great!

    Big fan of the Sandisk "shaker" mp3 player for the kids. Has a small speaker (so less concern about them damaging their hearing with ear buds... plus with the smaller kids they have trouble keeping those things in), runs off a aaa battery, and seem to be virtually indestructible. For the older kids it has two headphone sockets so two of them can listen to a song.... They've been on offer for $10 for the one with a 512mb SD card - so fits somewhere between 10 to 20 albums, but you can always put in a bigger SD card.
  • ninkasi2010/04/29 13:09:34
    Bad news for shopaholics - they've extended this by another day *and* put some new stuff up... including a "spa" pack for $3.95....
  • ninkasi2010/04/29 20:00:46
    Oh... this doesn't help either.

    * OPTION A: 50 Chupa Chups (Assorted "Best Of" Flavours) - $4.95
    * OPTION B: 250 x Mentos Mints (5 x 50 Pack) - $4.95
    * OPTION C: 250 x Mentos Fruit Flavoured (5 x 50 Pack) - $4.95
    * OPTION D: 250 x Mentos Yoghurt Flavoured (5 x 50 Pack) - $4.95
    * OPTION E: 6 x 50g Snickers Bars - $4.95
    * OPTION F: Box of 15 Guylian Original Chocolate Pralins - $4.95

    All covered by the current $15 shipping cap....
  • frogduck2010/04/29 20:39:18
    trying to resist as i need to save money :( kinda want that mentos though :p

    edit: yay 400th post
  • queenshrew2010/04/29 21:18:47
    I'm tempted to get another of those USB hubs.
    I bought one previously..and I'm addicted to having 13 ports at my finger tip.
    It's driving me nuts having only 3 on my old pc, 2 of which are stuck behind, and already occupied/used...so I only have 1 available USB port. Should I spend $36.95 for an extra 12 ports argh...decisions! Decisions!

    Argh, nevermind.. It's now sold out haha!
    I guess that helps me make up my mind :p
  • melissanj2010/04/29 22:45:40
    lol @ mystery gps...not much of a mystery when they copy and paste the details :P im pretty certain this is the one you will be buying Laser Corporations Holdings Pty Ltd - Navig8r GPS G35
  • nod2010/04/29 22:51:27
    I agree that it is one of the better catchathons.
  • ninkasi2010/04/30 23:55:31
    and it continues! They've added some extra items like headphones.....
  • ninkasi2010/05/01 12:54:32
    and it's over...
  • ninkasi2010/05/02 19:32:12
    trying to resist as i need to save money :( kinda want that mentos though :p

    edit: yay 400th post

    FYI They had the mentos for $6 at the reject shop... More expensive, but then again no shipping.... And my 200th(ish) post...

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