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Catch Of The Day - One Deal Every Hour - Wednesday 30th March 10am

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2011/03/27 22:53
One Crazy Catch Per Hour, for 12 Hours!

Over 10000 Items Available!

For those of you who are new, our existing members will gladly tell you a thing or two about our legendary hourly sales. Some of it good, some of it bad. This month we've made some changes to take a little of the edge off. The most significant being that 10 of the 12 deals to be featured each have at least 1000 units available. Of course we've also heavily invested in our server infrastructure.
The event will be held this Wednesday, 30th of March. The precise starting time will be announced by e-mail the evening before. Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive notification.

Presenting the Deals!

* Logitech C250 Webcam $5
* Nintendo 3DS $199
* Sennheiser Earphones $5
* Logitech M205 Wireless Mouse $5
* Philips Universal Remote $2
* Belkin Leather iPhone Case $1
* Philips SBA1600 Portable Speaker $2
* Logitech ClearChat Stereo Headset $2
* One hour of Amazing Scoopon Deals. Coffee and Cake $1, Thick shake plus icecream and toppings $1, and three more deals.
* Three more deals, including one Amazing APPLE deal, to be announced over the next few days

There it is, we are really putting on an awesome show. Make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss the first deal on Wednesday

**Exclusive/only accessible to members who have "liked" CatchOfTheDay on Facebook, or "follow" CatchOfTheDay on Twitter.
Expiry date:2011/03/30
  • Donkey2011/03/28 01:47:20
    I opened this thinking that they might be going to knock a decent pressure cooker out cheap.
  • owenhwh2011/03/28 23:52:54
    server crashes and never recovers... times like these u question - why doesnt COTD improve their server capacity / service?
  • Donkey2011/03/29 01:20:44
    Because then they'd have to stock sufficient quantities of the headline products to meet real life demand instead of being able to prolong the hype by no one being able to get onto the servers and its smart marketing really. How widely do people post about COTD everytime they run one of these and they cant get on to buy ... X ... item. It a search engine marketing dream.....

    But yea I'm with you ..... its about the worst form of customer service you can think of. Its not hard or costly to have on demand capacity on a site these days.
  • kazyazy2011/03/29 09:18:22
    It says ...

    "Of course we've also heavily invested in our server infrastructure."

    Interesting if it will work
  • kazyazy2011/03/29 23:11:33
    Sales Starts at 10am, Wednesday 30th March AESDT
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 09:44:17
    Exclusive/only accessible to members who have "liked" CatchOfTheDay on Facebook, or "follow" CatchOfTheDay on Twitter.

    You need to click the link through facebook or twitter to access the sale
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 10:01:12
    Deal 1: Sennheiser MX270 Earphones. Usually $25+ Today only $5 !!! Become a Sennheiser convert here: http://ow.ly/4p5Is
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 11:03:01
    Philips Mini Universal Mp3 Speaker RRP $39.95 Today a crazy $2! You will love this speaker right out of the box! http://ow.ly/4p7ay
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 12:18:30
    Deal 3: Logitech C250 Webcam with built in video calling function. Up to $60 elsewhere, today only: $5 http://ow.ly/4p8Yg
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 13:00:59
    Belkin Verve Sleeve for iPhone 4 RRP $39.95! Today it's just $1 !http://ow.ly/4pasl
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 14:01:55
    Deal 5: Logitech M205 Wireless Mouse. Expect to pay $49! Today just $5 !!! http://ow.ly/4pawT
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 15:06:16
    $1 Deals from Scoopon!!! http://Facebook.com/Scoopon
    Click on your city link below:
    Sydney - Frozen Yogurt only $1 - http://bit.ly/dO2Zoc
    Melbourne - Smash’n’Shake only $1 - http://bit.ly/eGOqYc
    Brisbane - 1 Month Gym Membership only $1 - http://bit.ly/har3zS
    ...Adelaide - Coffee & Desert only $1 - http://bit.ly/h5JGax
    Perth - Just $1 to spend $10 at Icy Ice - http://bit.ly/goEfzD
  • nicepair2011/03/30 16:42:19
    They keep rolling in on the hour, this time nintendo 3DS for $199
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 19:26:30
    Deal 10: Logitech Clear Chat Stereo Headset Only $2! Noise-canceling microphone. Adjustable headband. Chat in comfort. http://ow.ly/4phgS
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 20:03:16
    Deal 11: WD 320GB HDD Passport Don't pay $79+ Get yours for just $29.95 http://ow.ly/4phti
  • kazyazy2011/03/30 21:12:49
    Deal 12: Official FIFA South Africa 2010 Soccer Ball! 32 world flags. White ball. Yours FREE, just pay cheap shipping. http://ow.ly/4phD2

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