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Catch of the Day - 20 pieces Jewellery for $19.95 or 40 pieces for $29.95 + Cashback

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Posted By: craftykiwi, posted 2008/03/19 12:29

Weve got well over $2 million of ex-department store jewellery and fashion accessories ready to roll out. Once a year, Australias major department stores and fashion outlets clear out. These are top brands and outlets you find in shopping centers, unfortunately we cannot mention the brands and thats how we are doing this so cheap but you will recognize every label you receive.

Receive either 20 pieces for $19.95 (+ shipping), or 40 pieces for $29.95 (+ shipping). We are talking about a solid +$200 value per box. These arent your run of the mill items either, you can see examples arrayed in the images around you. Top quality, all branded, all bearing original price tags.

The items in your pack will be randomly picked from the absolutely massive range of jewellery and fashion accessories available. Weve got everything from:

* Necklaces
* Earrings
* Headbands
* Bracelets
* Much, much more

Please note:- the 40 piece packs will include duplicate items
Expiry date:2008/03/19
  • voteoften2008/03/19 13:55:46
    I think we have all gotten enough of the JJs rubbish to last a lifetime......

  • craftykiwi2008/03/19 15:25:38
    What's JJs?
  • trevorf2008/03/19 15:50:59
    As it reads I assume, Jay Jays.

    Junk from COTD, is just that. ^^;
  • craftykiwi2008/03/19 16:08:29
    Thanks trevorf. May be some new buckscooper out there of the appropriate age that are interested. I agree that if you want quality you usually need to pay more, but there's a lot of people that don't seem to mind.
  • ScarletRubies2008/03/19 16:32:48
    Sorry, Crafty - I'm another cold voter. Having "won" a jewellery pack a few months ago, I am stunned they bother to limit it to "one per customer"!!!! The stuff really is terrible; about 3 pieces of the jewellery I received were broken, it was all remaindered, ugly, inappropriate stuff (too grown up for kids and too tasteless for adults), or gaudy...

    I reckon it was the jewellery deal that turned me of COTD for life! :)
  • craftykiwi2008/03/19 16:40:37
    No problems scarletrubies and thanks for letting us know why not a good deal - will know for next time now.
  • lilpretzel2008/03/19 19:01:56
    That's what I love about Buckscoop, members are willing to share their honest opinions on products which save us $$$ and disappointment.

    I soon found that out as well crafty about COTD I rarely will post a deal from them now ;)

    Cold vote as well.

  • lisss2008/03/19 19:02:12
    Yep wouldnt recommend this at all - I got one of their packs and I wouldnt pay $1 for it. Very ugly jewelery!
  • voteoften2008/03/19 23:29:32
    Wonder what the most negative post ever has been? The coldest that is....
  • Keeys2008/03/19 23:51:28
    I think they will be offering this as a freebie with purchase just like the other lot was :)
  • voteoften2008/03/20 00:25:25
    I think they will be offering this as a freebie with purchase just like the other lot was :)

    I think i would still have to vote it as cold, even as a freebie, unless it included free shipping as well.......:cool:
  • thedreamer812008/03/20 00:39:37
    I gave my little sister some of the COTD jewellery for xmas however she doesnt wear the stuff she puts it on her dolls and teddy bears :P
  • craftykiwi2008/03/20 06:58:39
    Yes, I was wondering that too!!

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