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Cast iron Grill Pan $24.99 from Kmart

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Posted By: nod, posted 2007/01/30 16:11
I am definitely going to head off and get one of these. They are so useful in the kitchen.
Nice price from Kmart too

Labelled 'k'
  • crusty2007/01/31 09:37:26
    I like the pots shown under I as well although it seems silly to have a plastic handle or grip or whatever its called on the top.

    What the hell is that that Kmart have done. Hows the shopping cart they have implemented.
  • nod2007/01/31 10:45:42
    I would have to agree Crusty that Kmart appear to have lost the plot a little
    Online shopping cart but you need to order by phone or mail??
  • admin2007/01/31 11:00:58
    :D :D :D :D - classic. I just went through the ordering process because I truly didnt beleive that it could be that dumb...... but yes - it is. You add an item - not really sure what it was that I added - I just put in the letter A and it figured out that it was worth $238. You then go through the normal checkout details and by this stage I was thinking 'nah - there must be a card payment step here somewhere' and voila - ' A home shopping customer service officer will call you in the next three days.....! That is just exceptionally good use of technology. Someone needs to nominate them for the webby awards or something.
  • mouldgirl2007/01/31 23:49:42
    poor K-mart... can't even give them points for trying

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