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Casio G-Shock Mudman watch for $99 delivered from BigPond Shopping

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Posted By: Donkey, posted 2011/02/04 17:39
Am surprised. This is another decent price out of BigPond Shopping combined with free delivery. Maybe they've turned the corner on their prices.

The RRP is as always a bit of a fantasy price. The watch sells for $130 - $140 or so elsewhere although you can still find the odd place selling at RRP. So at $30 or $40 off its a good price.

The promo is just for this weekend although their definition of weekend seems to include friday.

** Use the link in the 3rd post to get the correct price on the offer.
  • Wally2011/02/05 14:05:50
    Seems to be currently at $199
  • Donkey2011/02/05 18:41:52
    Showing at $99 for me wally - maybe try clicking through off the link on this page - it might be something screwy.

  • Wally2011/02/06 11:39:25
    Fixed and found! Thanks! :)
  • Donkey2011/02/08 18:59:16
    Just checked - this is still available even though it was technically only for the weekend.....
  • maryann2011/02/17 17:55:56
    looks good, it is free shipping?
  • Wally2011/02/17 18:26:20
    looks good, it is free shipping?

    Deal has now finished! :rolleyes:

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