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Buy Invite- Ugg Australia up to 70% off

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2009/10/13 09:19
UGG Australia is the one of Australia's premier luxury and comfort brands. UGG Australia strives to provide accessible and practical luxury with products fitting into the consumer's every day life. Think fashionable, comfortable, and desirable. All product has a Grade-A sheepskin focus and extends beyond just UGG boots to include flats and heels all designed in the trademark UGG style.
Expiry date:2009/10/16
  • lisss2009/10/13 17:28:01
    Wow still soooo expensive - I thought $65 was good but then realised the boots arent even sheepskin, they just have cotton lining! I dont see whats special about them?
  • kazyazy2009/10/13 17:54:07
    Black boot
    UGG logo embossed
    Rubber sole with zig-zag grip
    Side entry with top UGG logo engrained button
    Connector straps with 4 loops on either side of boot
    Black / White
    Leather with sheepskin lining
    Returns Policy
    5-day returns policy
    Height: 34cm
  • kazyazy2009/10/13 17:56:36
    I just looked at all of them and they do have sheep skin lining and most of them are leather.
  • lisss2009/10/13 18:14:08
    I just looked at all of them and they do have sheep skin lining and most of them are leather.

    You're right actually - it doesnt look much like sheepskin though which is why I thought that, for eg from the ones on sale:


    When I think of sheepskin lining, I'd want something like this:


    I know UGG do similar but none of those type on sale unfortunately :(
  • kazyazy2009/10/13 18:49:09
    Now I see what you mean..I thought we were looking at different sales lol :D
    I like these ones $99


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