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Buy a Sony Bravia get a PS3 thrown in

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2008/07/04 17:10
I'll put this up here as its not a bad deal. Sony have a promo on where for the first 35,000 people to pick up a bravia they'll throw in a PS3 to boot.

Now what we need to find is the cheapest bravia.
Expiry date:2008/07/31
  • admin2008/07/04 17:17:58
    Qualifying models are KDL40XBR, KDL46XBR, KDL52XBR, KDL70X3500, KDL40X3100, KDL46X3100, KDL52X3100, KDL40W4000, KDL46W4000, KDL52W4000, KDL32V4000, KDL32V4000W, KDL32V4000R, KDL40V4000.

    Purchase must be made from an authorised Sony dealer.
    You have to register the purchase within 2 weeks of making it.
    The unit has to be bought outright - ie cant be on hire purchase
  • admin2008/07/04 17:20:33
    The KDL32V4000 starts at around $1700..... playstations of course start at the 7-800 range.
  • nod2008/07/04 18:17:21
    Now we need to track down a good priced Bravia :)
  • nod2008/07/04 18:25:37

    Here is the live link for the PS3 countdown :D

    JB Hifi have LCD's out at 10% off and from the talk around they are happy to negotiate price. Might be a good place to start (or end :D) if you are interested in this offer
  • lilpretzel2008/07/05 15:20:43
    Shoppingsquare have 2 models for sale but shipping is a killer.

    SONY 32" KDL32V4000 BRAVIA LCD TV FULL HD - $1,759.94

    SONY 40" KDL40V4000 BRAVIA LCD TV FULL HD = $1,999.94
  • nod2008/07/18 08:25:35
    17990 PS3's left :)
  • queenshrew2008/07/18 09:17:06
    Dick Smith Electronics have the package for:
    TOMTOM ONE XL In-Car Navigator ($388@DSE)

    For only [COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="3"]$1999[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    and you qualify for the FREE PS3 OFFER too if you are fast enough :D
  • admin2008/07/18 17:14:06
    A good stack and not a bad deal queenshrew - getting the same stuff individually from the lowest priced online suppliers I can easily find would cost you $2040 before shipping.

    All up you get $2740 worth of toys for $1999.
  • nod2008/07/18 22:03:03
    Dick Smith Electronics have the package for:
    TOMTOM ONE XL In-Car Navigator ($388@DSE)

    For only [COLOR="Purple"][SIZE="3"]$1999[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    and you qualify for the FREE PS3 OFFER too if you are fast enough :D

    The RRP for the TV is around $2099 so you are saving around $200 on the tv alone (well on rrp) But I have seen that the Goodguys had priced it around $1788. So if you did not need the GPS check your local Good Guys for their price :)
  • trevorf2008/07/19 10:42:51
    I went and purchased the KDL46W3100 for $1999+$189 (+4yrs extended warranty) at JB Hifi. Waiting for my PS3 to come though.
  • scheps2008/07/19 11:17:32
    wow how did you get the KDL46W3100 for so cheap? or do you mean 2999?
  • trevorf2008/07/19 13:45:31
    1999, it's W series. If it was X series, then 2999 would be about right, but I wouldn't buy it.
  • admin2008/07/19 17:43:31
    the difference between the W and the X's trevorf ?
  • trevorf2008/07/19 20:41:32
    It interpolates frames to smoothen out high action frames, and panning. It attempts to reduce jerkiness. It's just an additional processing chip or something. So instead of watching stuff at 30fps, it'll give the effect of 60fps.

    Sony calls it Motionflow.
  • scheps2008/07/19 22:24:59
    so theres ghosting? i mean thats the technical difference but can we see the clear difference in real life performance???? or only watching face action stff?

    also you sure its the 46"? not the 40"? coz their list price is not 1999 unless you are awesome at bargaining :) or you mentioned the new bravias are coming so they better sell these old ones ;P
  • trevorf2008/07/20 10:28:37
    W maybe has a bit of ghosting, or maybe it's just jitter, I don't know, it doesn't bother me that much. Technically they're apparently the same panel, (unless I'm reading incorrectly) being both 8ms screens, and so both 125mhz panels, just the X has interpolation. Some users that have bought X have apparently chosen to turn the motionflow off as you lose detail, because the X guesses inbetween frames from the adjacent frames. I've looked at the X carefully the past few days, and there are improvements motion scenes, but not perfect when you compare it to plasmas (which naturally handle fast motion well.)

    The model number on the back of the screen is KDL46W3100, sticker on the front has 46" and you convinced me to measure it, and yes it's ~120cm which is about 46". Yeah, RRP is about 3.5, and yeah it was listed as 3.2 in the store.

    3000's were released 1 year ago, and 4000's are out to replace it. There's not much difference between them. Also all these additional bells and whistles on Bravias are best left off (there's like ~10 features, all turned off on my screen).

    I was actually in the market for a 50" Panasonic/Pioneer Plasma, (pioneer for 3k at least though). But -4", being a Sony Bravia, full HD +PS3, and Lcd (less energy consumption) I decided to settle for this screen. My 1st choice was going to be 50" Pana for 2K, which was not full HD.

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