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Buckscoop Trick or Treat - CLUES NOW POSTED

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/10/29 05:44
Just a reminder that our final game to celebrate Buckscoop First Birthday will be played tomorrow night.
The details of the game will be posted up after midnight tonight and there will be 5 prizes up for grabs
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  • nelly2007/10/29 22:39:49
    I am up for a game. Missed the others :(
  • nod2007/10/29 22:42:11
    For sure Nelly.
  • jayne2007/10/29 23:08:44
    Oooh - more fun and games! Yay!
  • elegantegotist2007/10/29 23:11:29
    Sooo in !
  • admin2007/10/29 23:48:29
    Any hints on what it is ...... yes I must be a goldfish.
  • Keeys2007/10/29 23:57:54
    ohhh 3mins to go till midnight ;)
  • Gallifrey2007/10/30 00:34:52
    Ok, I am in for another game........
  • admin2007/10/30 01:02:04
    ohhh 3mins to go till midnight

    :D she's teasing you....
  • nod2007/10/30 01:02:27
    ohhh 3mins to go till midnight

    WST time for the launch :D

    But we dont play until 9PM AEST Tuesday 30th - tomorrow night
  • nod2007/10/30 03:03:15

    Here we are AT the final game to celebrate our [SIZE=3][COLOR="DarkOrange"][B]BUCKSCOOP BIRTHDAY MONTH[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    And tonight we play [SIZE=6][B][B]BUCKSCOOP [COLOR="DarkOrange"]TRICK [/COLOR]OR [COLOR="DarkOrange"] TREAT[/COLOR][/B][/B][/SIZE] http://bestsmileys.com/halloween2/1.gif

    You will need to pop your thinking caps on to play.

    Here is HOW TO PLAY:

    Phase One:
    1. I will post up 4 clues that need to be answered.
    2. Each clue contains the name of a Buckscoop merchant. The name appears in the clue but in a jumbled form
    3. You need to solve each clue, that is find the name of each merchant and then PM me, Nod with ALL 4 answers
    4. You then have the chance to pick yourself a [B]Trick[/B] or a [B]Treat[/B]. But you of course... you wont know which is which :twisted:
    5. The first 10 people to PM me with the answers will then enter the next stage of the game. You will only be given 20 minutes to solve the 4 clues.

    Here is an example:
    Clue: My 4 leap that fence all the time. What a silly game.
    Answer: Play4me
    You rearrange the letters " my 4 leap" to get Play4me and of course they sells games

    Simple ;)
  • nod2007/10/30 03:21:38
    [COLOR="Black"]Phase 2:[/COLOR]

    1. The ten people to answer the clue get to chose a witches hat (I will post the picture of the 10 witches hats at 7PM AEST)
    2. Under each hat is a trick or a treat and it is the luck of the draw as to which you find.
    3. The treats are vouchers or other goodies
    4. The tricks ...... yet to announced


    · Admin’s decisions are final in all cases.
    · The competition is open to any Buckscoop member (excluding moderators!) – if you are not yet a member, simply register here. Registration is of course free!
    · The first 10 members to PM Nod the correct answers, and who have abided by these rules, will enter the next phase of the competition.
    · All clues must be answered and are merchants listed on Buckscoop. These merchants have also appeared in deals in the 'Hot Deals' section
    · The clue answers should not be discussed in this thread, or anywhere else in the Buckscoop site – if you do so, your message will simply be removed. Oh and we will disqualify you from the game
    · You will only get 1 chance to PM your entry to Nod, so make sure you are completely happy with your answer before you do so. If you submit more than one, you will be disqualified.
    - You only receive one chose for the witches hate
    - We can't force you to complete the trick but trust me they wont be that bad ;)
  • nod2007/10/30 19:15:35
    So who is up for the trick or treat?

  • holdenmg2007/10/30 20:07:48
    Hi, I'm up for it (if I'm at home).

    I reckon the trick will be something like spending the rest of your life using Microsoft Vista...

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! :eek:
  • MamaK2007/10/30 20:08:01
    I'm in if the darlings don't wake up
  • lilpretzel2007/10/30 20:08:49
  • nod2007/10/30 20:15:59
    Here are the first 4 witches hats:




  • nod2007/10/30 20:18:12
    http://www.trojanhorseantiques.com/BewitchedBarbie.jpg ... could not resist this Barbie one



  • nod2007/10/30 20:22:57


    [SIZE=4][B]Here are the witches hats.... under each hat is a trick or a treat.... [/B][/SIZE]


    [SIZE=4][B]Happy clue solving...... :twisted:[/B][/SIZE]
  • MamaK2007/10/30 20:59:49
    so the clues are posted here at 9pm? or is there another thread?
  • nod2007/10/30 21:00:56
    They will be up in 2 minnutes
  • ScarletRubies2007/10/30 21:02:21
    OK.... here I am!

    *phew* it's 7.30pm and I thought I I had oodles of time...
  • catmeow822007/10/30 21:05:50
    They will be up in 2 minnutes

    I'm good and ready.
  • nod2007/10/30 21:06:15
    The clues:

    1. Looking for some music to eat with my nachos. Just wish I could drop my n.

    2. Ten tarry brews is all you need to catch the fruit

    3. U blessed small lines in the sand to help you with your new laptop

    4. Lone Nelly pats her feet, sore from all her travel. She needs to drop the s to find the guide to take her home

    A reminder - the name of the merchant is spelt within the sentence. You need to locate the words in the sentence that spell the merchants name. All the words are next to each other in the sentence
  • ScarletRubies2007/10/30 21:06:54
    I'm good and ready.

    I'm potentially neither...
  • nod2007/10/30 21:07:35
    LOL Ruby :D
  • nod2007/10/30 21:08:29
    Another reminder the merchants names appear all jumbled so you need to rearrange the letters

  • nod2007/10/30 21:12:59
    so how are we all going?

    need any clues?
    Will I need to give you more time?
  • trevorf2007/10/30 21:13:36
    o.O I guess I'll play ... didn't plan to , just saw it.

    1 down, 3 to go -_-
  • catmeow822007/10/30 21:15:26
    Two down. Two to go.
  • elegantegotist2007/10/30 21:16:44
    How is everyone going ?
  • ScarletRubies2007/10/30 21:17:27
    more time....

    2 and 2...
  • nod2007/10/30 21:18:24
    well no one has pm'd yet so I figure I will have to wait :D
  • ScarletRubies2007/10/30 21:18:37
    OK, three, but the other is *fvbseil;rhiksrdhb*
  • elegantegotist2007/10/30 21:18:42
    I am confused about clue 2
  • trevorf2007/10/30 21:19:32
    :( cant get 1.
  • elegantegotist2007/10/30 21:19:56
    Someone help me with 2 ???? i have no idea
  • lilpretzel2007/10/30 21:19:57
    Stuck on that as well. just need that 1 :o
  • ScarletRubies2007/10/30 21:20:49
    1 is intimidating me.

    And making me hungry.
  • trevorf2007/10/30 21:21:07
    Wow, cant believe I was strainning my brain, yet so simple the last one ... I'm done ^^

    Would've been better if not net capped :(
  • catmeow822007/10/30 21:21:25
    How did I go?
  • elegantegotist2007/10/30 21:21:38
    Is 2 really obvious ? Because I'm thinking you don't need to unjumble a part of the word ? But the rules are you NEED to unjumble it ?
  • hellwolf2007/10/30 21:22:35
    PM sent. Hopefully I got them right.
  • nod2007/10/30 21:22:57
    Catmeow82 is the first to pic a hat

    And with clue 2 all the letters are jumbled Elegantegotist
  • MamaK2007/10/30 21:23:11
    I have 2 and 4- can't get others
  • trevorf2007/10/30 21:23:37
    I duno if I got'em right ... didn't exactly double check ^^
  • elegantegotist2007/10/30 21:24:08
    Oh i just sent mine in I'm so screwed !
  • catmeow822007/10/30 21:24:33
    I'll go for hat number 3 please.

    *fingers crossed*

  • nod2007/10/30 21:25:42
    Trevorf has to pick up a hat and so does Hellwolf

    Elegantegotist is sooo close... more info please
  • hellwolf2007/10/30 21:26:38
    Hat number 7 I think.

  • trevorf2007/10/30 21:27:05
    Well , I asked for 8th ^^

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