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Posted By: nod, posted 2007/12/15 02:46
And since I can't have any pretty colours or piccies.... please see below for all the details

And please feel free to post questions in here
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  • nod2007/12/15 19:46:42

    [B]Well we are now on a serious countdown to Christmas 2007 and it is time that Buckscoop got it's Christmas shopping done.
    Hence here is our first ever [COLOR=Green][SIZE=6]BUCKSCOOP KRIS KRINGLE[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    So here is the low down

    Starting 10AM AEST MONDAY 17th to 10PM THURSDAY 20th at two random times each day on the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th, Lilpretzel and I will post THREE Christmas quiz questions each somewhere in [B]Hot Deals section[/B] of the Buckscoop forum. The clues will be posted in the new deals posted for that day

    That is THREE QUESTIONS sometime during the day and THREE QUESTIONS some time during the evening before 12PM AEST each day.

    The first [B]three (3) members to PM the answers [SIZE=4][B][B][COLOR=Red]will have a present placed under our very own Buckscoop Kris Kringle tree :christmastree:
    [/B] [/SIZE][/B][/B]

    We are then planning to have a 'Present Opening session' on Saturday 22nd December. It would be great for you all to be there BUT is it a very busy time of the year..... SO all we ask is that you login and send me, Nod a PM within the next week ie before Saturday 29th December and we will send out your present :present:

    Here is the lovely tree designed by [B][COLOR=Red]Lilpretzel[/COLOR][/B]


    [COLOR="Green"]Presents for: [COLOR="Red"]Elegantegotist, MamaK, Hellwolf (2) & ScarletRubies (2)[/COLOR][/COLOR]

    The boring house keeping stuff:

    Only a maximum of two presents per person.. we do have 24 to give away
    Admins decision on the winners is final
    To claim your present you need to PM Nod before the 29th December 2007
  • admin2007/12/15 19:48:23
    :D - love that elf.
  • elegantegotist2007/12/15 19:57:03
    Such a creative comp ! I love it. Are the questions just random trivia ? or do they have to do with buckscoop ?
  • nod2007/12/15 20:00:45
    all random Xmas trivia I am afraid :D
  • lilpretzel2007/12/15 22:58:37
    :D - love that elf.

    Sexy lil guy is green with envy.

  • nod2007/12/15 23:08:51
    Sexy lil guy is green with envy.



    Yoda getting festive :p
  • Brad2007/12/15 23:21:15
    If you are New to Buckscoop and would like to join in with Kris Kringle,
    make sure you have an account so you can join in with all the action, starting Monday.
    You can create a free account, easy as 123, by clicking here. :flowers:
  • Wally2007/12/15 23:30:17
    Yoda? I thought it was his cousin [COLOR="SeaGreen"]'LODA'[/COLOR]... presents! :present: :p
  • nod2007/12/15 23:34:10
    Thanks for the reminder Brad :D

    And I would think that if it is festive Yoda... why not [SIZE=3][COLOR="SeaGreen"][B]FODA[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • lilpretzel2007/12/16 11:59:02
    [CENTER][SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5][COLOR=DarkGreen]Seen Lurking The Forum![/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=5][COLOR=DarkGreen]Are You Ready For Monday?

  • MamaK2007/12/16 13:35:04
    Oh yah! more fun :D
  • nod2007/12/16 19:29:16
    That is the plan MamaK :D
  • Keeys2007/12/16 19:34:48
    oh goody another game for me to suck at lol

    I'll have fun trying though ;)
  • nod2007/12/17 11:08:36
    [COLOR="SeaGreen"][B][B][SIZE=4] And the fun starts in a few hours :)[/B][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]


    get ready
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 11:15:43
    Great Picture nod.

  • photographyisart2007/12/17 11:22:42
    yay cant wait
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 11:47:37
    You guy's are so sneaky ;)

    Since there aren't too many new deals posted today, questions will be hidden on the 1st page of Hot Deals.


  • elegantegotist2007/12/17 11:52:56
    Will we see a "bumped" thread if you post a question for us or will we have to search ? (probably the latter but just thought you'd make it easy for us).
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 11:53:48
    Nope no bumped threads, sorry!
  • MamaK2007/12/17 12:14:01
    are we pming you Lil or Nod?
  • elegantegotist2007/12/17 12:16:13
    MamaK you've found the first question already ? :D
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 12:16:15
    If you are New to Buckscoop and would like to join in with Kris Kringle,
    make sure you have an account so you can join in with all the action, starting Monday.
    You can create a free account, easy as 123, by clicking here. :flowers:

    [COLOR=purple]Just a reminder for all the guest looking around Buckscoop![/COLOR]
    [COLOR=purple]Why not join up you have nothing to lose but will earn yourself heaps of cashback, fun and a addication to get the best value for your hard earn $$$[/COLOR]

    :santa: :christmastree: :present:
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 12:17:02
    are we pming you Lil or Nod?

    Me please mamak..


  • MamaK2007/12/17 12:19:42
    MamaK you've found the first question already ? :D

    :DYep, we need 3 right?
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 12:20:21
    Correct hun.

    3 questions today from me than 3 questions tonight from nod.

    Than we start all over again tomorrow till Thursday.

  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 12:23:51
  • robby2007/12/17 12:32:46
    did you post all 3 questions already, lilpretzel?
  • ScarletRubies2007/12/17 12:34:53
    How many PMs do you have so far, LP?
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 12:36:36
    If you don't know the answer http://img176.imageshack.us/img176/2737/pbgooglerhm5.gif

    Don't forget it's the 1st [SIZE=5]3 members [/SIZE]to answer all 3 questions correctly will receive a present.[SIZE=5]
  • ScarletRubies2007/12/17 12:36:40
    Oh, and if people have finished, why don't you go to the "For Sale" board and check out the gorgeous Filofax I have for sale! ;)
  • elegantegotist2007/12/17 12:38:35
    Nothing like a bit of cross-promotion ! :D
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 12:39:44
    [SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]ScarletRubies well done[/COLOR][/FONT] http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/9468/xmaspresent6ch5.gif

    [/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]Hellwolf well done[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4]http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/9667/xmaspresent5uf7.gif

    [/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]Elegantegotist [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]well done [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE] [SIZE=5][SIZE=4]http://img180.imageshack.us/img180/3971/xmaspresent3xz5.gif
    [/SIZE] [/SIZE]
  • hellwolf2007/12/17 12:41:46
    Did I get it right?
  • elegantegotist2007/12/17 12:43:36
    Well done you two ! I can't find the third question.
  • ScarletRubies2007/12/17 12:44:01
    Beats cross-dressing, I say.

  • ScarletRubies2007/12/17 12:44:31
    They aren't numbered, so it's hard to know which one you're missing! :)
  • MamaK2007/12/17 12:46:18
    Just found the last one but not sure if I got it right
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 12:55:36
    Come on guys 3 members are fighting it out for the last :present:

  • ScarletRubies2007/12/17 13:01:19
    And meanwhile, no one is posting any deals. Sigh. Must go hunting, I guess. Prepare a fire.
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 13:02:15
    [SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]ScarletRubies well done[/COLOR][/FONT] :present:

    [/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]Hellwolf well done :present:[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4]

    [/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]Elegantegotist [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=DarkGreen]well done :present:[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE=5][SIZE=4]
    [/SIZE] [/SIZE]

    Congrats to the lucky members, your presents will go under the Christmas tree later on today.

    Thank you to all the members playing :D
  • elegantegotist2007/12/17 13:04:08
    Thankyou !
  • hellwolf2007/12/17 13:07:23
    Yay! Thank you. I'll try for another present tonight. Will it be before 9PM AEST?
  • lilpretzel2007/12/17 13:09:59
    Yay! Thank you. I'll try for another present tonight. Will it be before 9PM AEST?

    Sorry I can't answer that question for you :rudolph:
  • MamaK2007/12/17 13:14:05
    Thanks LP, I'll have to brush up on my trivia before trying again.

    Congrats to the winners :D
  • Wally2007/12/17 14:10:48
    Darn! Forgot all about the Bwain Tweesers!

    To busy in the ElElfish world laughing at the Trailer Park Boys hamming it up as Elves


    Careful with that link you might find yourself ending up as a Christmas Elf yourself!! :D
  • fairybelle2007/12/17 18:15:32
    i forgot abotut this tooo
  • admin2007/12/17 20:17:19
    You've always got now to make up for the forgetfulness. :)
  • admin2007/12/17 20:24:30
    We have our first prize........ mamak .... pub quiz queen. :D

    If any of the answers to the PM's that you send nod sound like me.... its because it is. She's had to dump and run.
  • hellwolf2007/12/17 20:33:59
    I've sent you a PM admin as well as one to Nod.
  • ScarletRubies2007/12/17 20:37:15
    Oh, come on Hellwolf... don't you have a brand new baby to play with? Man, you're making us look like we have no life! (I sent my PM a few minutes ago).
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