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Posted By: nod, posted 2009/11/10 21:01
  • nod2009/11/10 21:28:49
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"]Ok here is how we play:

    I will post up our Buckscoop Cup maze
    I will then post up 10 quiz questions.
    These questions correspond to the red dots you see on the maze.

    You need to get through the maze in the shortest time possible. To prove that you have gone the right way you must answer the 5 questions in the correct order that you pass over.
    That is on the correct route you will 'go past' 5 lots of dots (numbers 1 to 10). eg if you passed over 4 red dots then you need to answer question 4

    The overall winner is the member that answers the 5 questions in the correct order

    We will also have a sweep prize .. ie the horse that comes in with the most correct answers will grab a prize for all those that placed a bet

    I will also award a $5 to the first 2 members to provide all the correct answers to all 10 questions

    1st prize $15 .... sweep prize will be worked out when we now who has won

    any questions?

    Winners must PM me

  • nod2009/11/10 21:33:41
    http://buckscooper.googlepages.com/horse-maze8.gif[SIZE="5"]You start at the red dot up near the ears[/SIZE]
  • nod2009/11/10 21:34:03
    [COLOR="Blue"][B]Here are the quiz questions:
    1. What is the Melbourne Cup race record
    2. How many winners of the Melbourne cup have been 'entire'?
    3. How many times has the favourite won?
    4. Name the horses that have won twice and in what year they won both times?
    5. Which year did the 1st women jockey and on what horse?
    6. 1906 who won the Melbourne cup and the Caulfield cup?
    7. Name the trainer with the most wins?
    8. What did the cup look like in 1918? ie the trophy
    9. What was the prize pool for 2009?
    10. When was the race run with the smallest field and how many horses started?

  • nod2009/11/10 21:39:03
    Here are the bets:
    1. Cashbcow $5
    2. Bargain bin $10
    3. Retail therapy $5
    4. Creditcard $15
    5. Giftwrapped $15
    6. Hot Deal $10
    7. Cashback Charlie $20
    8. Bucks Bonanza $18
    9. Cool Cash Kid $10
    10. Dollars and Cents $15
  • kermi2009/11/10 21:43:52
    [COLOR=Purple]*fingers crossed*:whistling:[/COLOR]
  • nod2009/11/10 21:47:44
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]Kermi swoops in and takes the $15 first prize .... still the quiz questions and the sweep ... so keep those answers coming [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  • bt342009/11/10 21:48:02
    Looks like my horse has gone lame. Late scratching for me.
    Good luck to the winner.
  • doozerberry2009/11/10 21:49:43
    Who did Kermi bid on???
  • lisss2009/11/10 21:50:28
    How does the sweep work?
  • nod2009/11/10 21:53:13
    Looks like my horse has gone lame. Late scratching for me.
    Good luck to the winner.

    you can still grab a prize
  • nod2009/11/10 21:53:45
    sweep to be announced once we have all the answers ... race closes in 10 mins
  • nod2009/11/10 21:54:14
    forgot to add still have one $5 answers all questions prize up for grabs
  • kermi2009/11/10 21:55:14
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=Purple]Thanks Nod... and Buckscoop.. my headache has now disappeared. :w00t:[/COLOR][/FONT]
  • absolutebeginner2009/11/10 22:02:10
    Bugger, just lost my answers...
  • craftykiwi2009/11/10 22:08:51
    Very confusing! Maze easy and worked out which questions but there are different answers out there depending on where you look.
  • kazyazy2009/11/10 22:10:42
    Too hard for me :o
  • craftykiwi2009/11/10 22:13:37
    Well done kermi. Too hot and too late here to think any more. Good luck everyone else.
  • kazyazy2009/11/10 22:16:37
    Congrats Kermi :D I don't know how you did it my head hurts lol
  • absolutebeginner2009/11/10 22:16:52
    Congratulations Kermi - Quick out of the barriers and a stayer too!!!
  • nod2009/11/10 22:18:23
    Very confusing! Maze easy and worked out which questions but there are different answers out there depending on where you look.

    I did see that
    a few odd things there so going to take both sets of answers ;)

    Stupid facts hey? :D
  • nod2009/11/10 22:19:12
    ok .. race now closed. I am off to calc the sweep winners :w00t:
  • nod2009/11/10 22:26:29
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="5"]So our winners are ...

    $15 first prize to Kermi

    $5 prizes for all correct quiz answers goes to Kermi and Rhys

    Now the sweep .. I guess I made it too hard as we had very few entries :D so the sweep kind of fell on its butt :D

    mmmm not sure what to do about it now ....
  • kazyazy2009/11/10 22:28:08
    Pull one out of a hat maybe
  • nod2009/11/10 22:29:58
    might need to do something like that :D
  • nod2009/11/10 22:33:02
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"]Ok sweep winner ... improvised drawn out of a hat winner is [COLOR="Red"]Gift Wrapped[/COLOR] ... $5 to each bet:
    Absolute Beginner
  • kazyazy2009/11/10 22:33:43
    Congrats everyone :D
  • kermi2009/11/10 22:34:54
    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=DarkOrchid]Congrats to all the winners! :D[/COLOR][/FONT]
  • rhys2009/11/10 22:34:58
    thak you, nod. it was great fun :)
  • lisss2009/11/10 22:37:28
    Congrats guys! It hurt my head too much to do all the quiz questions ;)
  • MamaK2009/11/10 22:44:44
    woah, no idea how that worked but congratulations Kermi!
  • nod2009/11/10 23:14:13
    Congrats guys! It hurt my head too much to do all the quiz questions ;)

    good to keep that brain working :)
  • craftykiwi2009/11/11 06:34:20
    Had to got to bed cos too tired so missed the sweep. But thanks for selecting my horse and he prize.

    Sorry to hear you didn't get a lot of entries Nod. It was great fun as usual so thanks for your hard work. Would have attempted all 10 questions if it hadn't been so hot over here and I wasn't so tired.
  • frogduck2009/11/11 10:41:38
    congrats all! :) sorry i missed it :( study caught up with me, last exam today :) and back to study I go!
  • nod2009/11/15 20:05:32
    All the prizes have been sent to Paypal. Well all except you Sqwerty14 as we don't have your PP addy. Can you PM me with it please :)
  • kermi2009/11/17 00:04:59
    [COLOR=DarkOrchid]Thanks Nod! :flowers:[/COLOR]

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