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BUCKSCOOP CLANFLUENCE October 2008 - Merchant rate increases

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/10/08 16:43
And as usual Deals Direct are the first off the mark

DD rates jumps to 5.4% for all sales validated this month ... now up to 5.85%

And OO.com.au have jumped a tier to 5.85% for all sales this month.... OO.com.au jump again this month to 6.3% :-)

LatestBuy jump to 8.8% this month
Expiry date:2008/10/31
  • nod2008/10/08 17:10:56
    OO.com.au have jumped to 5.85% this month :)
  • lilpretzel2008/10/09 00:39:30
  • Brad2008/10/09 00:54:46
    May it be the first of many more rate rises to come!
  • leny2008/10/09 00:59:47
    Good to see we've been putting in many OO sales.
  • lilpretzel2008/10/09 01:01:20
    Well Well Well, leny has a signature :p
  • leny2008/10/09 01:06:09
    Well Well Well, leny has a signature :p

    Hmm well then you're not going to like to see what I've just done.
  • lilpretzel2008/10/09 01:12:02
    Well if it involves a donkey that's alright. :whistling:
  • leny2008/10/09 01:15:40
    No, it involves another animal, striped, and it's not the Ugh goose.
  • nod2008/10/09 01:35:37
    it is a christmas swan :D
  • leny2008/10/09 01:43:26
    It's still sticking its tongue out at you and saying 'Ugh...'
  • nod2008/10/09 17:08:01
    now you see him now you dont
  • wheadle2008/10/09 21:58:58
    free shipping oo again this monht ;)
  • leny2008/10/09 22:39:51
    He got scared and ran away. Damn you nod. :(
  • nod2008/10/09 23:44:09
    And I have put my teeth away too
  • nod2008/10/14 02:07:09
    OO.com.au Bucky cashback rate jumps again to 6.3% :)
  • golfwidow2008/10/14 08:29:41
    Great to see :)
  • jdstacey2008/10/14 21:20:44
    Looks like DealsDirect is up to 5.85%!

  • lilpretzel2008/10/14 21:43:35
    I only see 5.4% :confused:
  • nod2008/10/14 21:52:23
    You beat me too it JD :D

    Deals Direct is up to 5.85% this month for all sales validated this month
  • nod2008/10/21 20:31:06
    LatestBuy a surprise jump this month to 8.8% :)
  • jdstacey2008/10/26 19:11:46
    Quick Q - does DD have another level above 5.85%??
  • nod2008/10/26 19:36:55
    From memory they have a few
  • jdstacey2008/10/26 20:32:11
    I thought so! :)

    Surely we must be close to the next one?? :twisted: :twisted:
  • nod2008/10/26 21:09:28
    We should be ... can't login and check at the mo though :( Hopefully I can check the transactions later once they have sorted their server or maintenance
  • jdstacey2008/10/31 02:37:59
    Looks like DD has made a late move - some of my transactions are showing at 6.3% :)
  • jdstacey2008/10/31 09:45:46
    ...now they all are! Hooray!

    DD is up to 6.3%! :)
  • nod2008/10/31 11:46:30
    they often validate a mob of transactions at the very end of the month :D
    Such a shame that the rate then goes back down to the beginning
  • lilpretzel2008/11/10 07:25:22

    OO.com.au[/COLOR][COLOR=Indigo] have dropped their cashback rate :confused:

    Why oh Why? have we been bad? :D
  • nod2008/11/10 07:55:57
    the credit crunch I guess :D
    the old cut of the advertising budget. The interesting thing is that with the cashback programs they actually only fork out when they get a sale .... not better form of advertising for them really :D

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