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Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2008/01/26 20:18
Attention All Buckscoopers, NEW & OLD!!

I Hope You All Have Been Brushing Up On All Things Australian!

All The Rules And More Details Will Be Posted Up Soon!

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  • lilpretzel2008/01/27 13:19:39

  • Wally2008/01/27 14:18:46

    Just Hope I can remember things like who it was that could run the pants offova Kangaroo!! :D
  • admin2008/01/27 19:18:02
    wasnt that Rolfy Harris wally ???
  • Wally2008/01/28 00:25:15
    No it was John Williamson's Old Man Emu

    .. He can't loop the loop like a cockatoo - Oom ba da little da da da
    Swoop and toss like an albatross - Oom ba da little da da da
    "You silly galah, I'm better by far, than a white cockatoo or a budgerigar;
    They squeak and squawk and try to talk, why me and them's like cheese and chalk"
    Ba da da Doo dee ba doo doo doo...Boo da da doot doo doo doo
    He can't fly but I'm telling you, he can run the pants off a kangaroo... :thumbsup:
  • admin2008/01/28 10:24:02
    :D - Ok - I concede...
  • admin2008/01/28 10:25:50
    has anyone taken a good loooooong look at the map lilpretzels put up... or is it just me thats a bit wonky.
  • nod2008/01/28 11:37:50
    Maybe it is the fat koala in the tree??? :D

    Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely Oz day holiday :w00t:
  • golfwidow2008/01/28 16:39:55
    Yay something to do an Wednesday night :)
  • lilpretzel2008/01/29 22:51:27
  • nod2008/01/30 12:03:10

    I like the Voodoo Boss doll :D
  • nod2008/01/30 12:07:29
    Here are the rules people (well the run down):

    1. Quiz shall commence at 9PM EDST.
    2. The clues will be posted all at once. The winner will be the first member to PM Lilpretzel with the answer to ALL of the questions.
    3. They must be ALL the right answers :D
    4. Please do not discuss the answers anywhere in the forum. If you do you just may find yourself removed from the quiz
    5. The winner gets to chose the prizes - one of the 4 pictured above
    6. As always my, ie Nod's word is final as far as the winner is concerned
  • lilpretzel2008/01/30 18:48:48
    [CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR=Navy]Don't Forget
    Starting Time
    9PM EDST

  • lilpretzel2008/01/30 20:45:16
    [CENTER][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=4][COLOR=Navy]Have you got yours on???[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

  • photographyisart2008/01/30 20:56:43
    Is the quiz going to be posted in this thread?
  • lilpretzel2008/01/30 20:58:28
    I'll be popping it into another thread very soon.

  • photographyisart2008/01/30 20:58:47
    k thanks for that
  • lilpretzel2008/01/30 21:13:27
    [CENTER][FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=5][COLOR=Navy]Questions are posted here....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


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