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Brands Exclusive - JVC 42 inch LCD TV + Blu ray player $1298 delivered

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Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2010/05/06 07:54
TOTAL RRP is $2198

I think the 42 inch tv is this model - LT-42DG1 - which is featuring on the JVC website for: RRP $1698

The supposedly "free" (but is actually included in the rrp by brands exclusive) dvd player is RRP $499

There's info on the tv here:

I need a new tv upgrade as I just purchased the $89 cheapo blu ray from clive peeters (which is working a treat I should add!). My 22 inch lcd tv is soooo tiny!
JVC is not really known for their tvs though, but I have a jvc mini cd stereo system my dad bought me about a good 17 years ago (yeah I was so spoilt having a cd stereo system back then!), and it's still going strong..... I now play cds for my little girl on it as we dance together!!
  • queenshrew2010/05/06 07:58:08
    Here is the link for an invitation to [COLOR="Red"]BRANDS EXCLUSIVE[/COLOR]

    Unfortunately you need to be a member before you can view the item or purchase it.

    I recommend signing up. They have some decent deals..

    Although their customer returns seem to be really slow at responding to some faulty item they sent me and I wrote in for a return. They responded real quick, but since I sent the item it's been 3 weeks and I haven't yet been issued a refund, or even been told my item has been received...!!

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