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Brands Exclusive: FREE Shipping** for all sale events that start today

Posted By: queenshrew, posted 2011/09/26 08:10
** Please note that there are spend limits.
Sale events that start today include:
Rusty (menswear)- Spend $50 or more
Guess Jewellery - Spend $50 or more
Women's Weekly cookbooks - Spend $25 or more
Luxury Fragrances - Spend $50 or more
Therapy (shoes)- no conditions on spend limit
Zola (shoes) - no conditions on spend limit
removable Surface Art - no conditions
Pin Clove (womenswear) - Spend $25 or more
Dri.Glo (towels) - No conditions
Emperor (mens&womenswear) - no conditions
Phax (Swimwear) - no conditions
Perle (Manchester) - no conditions
Odyssey (sunglasses) - Spend $50 or more

n.b. You are welcome to use a member's invitation and give them $10 too if you want, but this is the official link where no one gets any incentive..;p
Expiry date:2011/09/28
  • Victorious2011/09/26 19:49:16
    You can't join?
  • nod2011/09/26 23:25:53
    mmmm interesting idea??

    Basically you go on a waiting list. You tell them why you want to join and then if the other members think that your reason is good enough you can join. mmmm not sure I like the idea. But yes this deal is very limited
  • sparrow2011/09/27 07:09:54
    I've been a member since early last year and have had heaps of orders from them. Also I have my personal invitation link which can join anyone up with straight away.
  • queenshrew2011/09/27 08:10:45
    Sorry guys, I should have posted up a link to join. It is here (and I'll edit the OP)


    Enjoy! :)

    There are more new events that opened up today and I just spent $110 :o
  • Keeys2011/09/27 09:24:13
    Only new to the site and just looking around...great prices can see I will be sucked in ...I mean buying from these guys ;)
  • Keeys2011/09/27 10:14:14
    ok just put my first order in for boardies and a rash shirt....much better prices than I can find when I've looked! Fingers crossed they fit..if not onto ebay they go hehe

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