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Brainy days post xmas sale 10-50%off all toys and games

Posted By: Michelle2154, posted 2008/01/11 22:58
This shop is great if your looking for a toy or game with a bit more of a challenge {for kids}. But plenty of everday toys suitable for others.
  • nod2008/01/12 20:10:37
    The site has certainly won a load of awards!
  • admin2008/01/12 22:27:49
  • Gallifrey2008/01/12 23:39:05
    looks pretty good, couldnt find anything for teens though!
  • voteoften2008/01/13 11:42:35
    looks pretty good, couldnt find anything for teens though!

    This game here looks pretty cool, even for adults, as there are 48 levels.

  • MamaK2008/01/13 11:58:20
    I'm sure there was another post on this before xmas but I can't find anything. Some of the toys are great, I'll be getting something
  • voteoften2008/01/13 12:52:59
    Thanks for this post Michelle. I just bought $200 of gear here. It is great value stuff and very educational. The postage is very cheap too, at least when you buy a lot. It is capped at $11 for registered, regardless of order size. 7 or 8 of my items were anatomical models, so they will be quite bulky.

    Great stuff. Thanks again!
  • Michelle21542008/01/13 17:13:06
    Glad your all finding this site good, my son really loves the Automoblox cars they are interchangable and you can make all different types of cars with them, a real hit here in our house even mum and dad can join in and not be to bored.
  • voteoften2008/01/14 20:06:28
    Here is an update on this retailer.

    I placed my order and in the comments requested that they hold off on shipping for more than 2 weeks. I received a personal response saying that they would.

    Imagine getting a response, much less apositive one from most of the retailers we "talk" about.....

    Great job brainy days:D :D
  • voteoften2008/02/12 22:56:12
    Just an update. The items arrived today. VERY well packed.:D :flowers: I checked the website. The prices have gone back to their normal levels, but it is still a great value. :)

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