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Bonus SanDisk Sansa Clip 4GB MP3 Player with 3 marked HP cartridges

Posted By: wheadle, posted 2008/09/24 19:33
Buying ink for work? Get hold of 3 with the special sitcker and get a free SanDisk Sansa Clip 4GB MP3 Player. Small issue is buying em online you can't know if they have the sitcker. Aust Post always seem to have the right cartridges and prices are good
mp3 sets you back 100 bucks
Expiry date:2008/10/31
  • wheadle2008/09/24 19:34:22
    check out Kmart too and the monster sale. no mention in catalogue but you may get lucky
    Bigw have them in their new catalogue too though HP colour 22 for $23.95 is not such a great price
  • samia7862008/09/25 01:19:23
    none of the packs I saw had any stickers on them, only special packaging in pink saying "...discover hp's world of exciting promotions..."
    nothing specific for the sansa clip. does that mean I can get any (cheap) ink with pink packaging?
  • nlafanclub2008/09/26 02:50:25
    This is from the HP website for the SanDisk mp3 player promo:

    [COLOR=darkred]"Eligible HP Product” means any new and original HP ink packs originating from the Promoter with the model numbers C6615DA, C1823DA, C8727AA, C8728AA, 51645AA, C6656AA, C6657AA, C6578DA, C9351AA, C9352AA, C9362WA, C9361WA, CC622AA, C8766WA, C8767WA, and C9363WA, and bearing the promotional tag for this Promotion."[/COLOR]

    Full details here:


    I've always had trouble keeping on top of their promotions - they usually have quite a few & their packaging gives you no info at all (well on the inks, anyway). If you do buy their inks though, you should check out the hp website promotions pages before going shopping, just in case - you never know when a bonus will be available to you.

    Hope this helps :)
  • nod2008/09/26 09:32:47
    Thanks for the extra info Nlafanclub.

    Samia76 I know what you mean about the pink stickers. They can be hard to work out

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