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Belkin Router F5D7230-4 $39.95 @ OO.com.au & Bucky cash refurbished

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Posted By: wheadle, posted 2008/01/17 16:56
Spotted this. Expect to pay over 70 bucks

4 port, very simple to set up and use, 65m range. Good saving
  • nod2008/01/18 10:17:31
    Nearly half price :)
    Thanks Wheadle
  • hellwolf2008/01/18 10:34:19
    Be aware that these are not new, they are refurbished, however they still come with a lifetime warranty from Belkin.

    As per the website:
    This unit is refurbished and has been fully tested. This product is still covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty against material defects as well as free technical support. Please refer to Belkin Limited Australia for warranty information.
  • nod2008/01/18 10:44:32
    oooh thanks for the tip Hellwolf
    That certainly explains why they are such a good price
  • wheadle2008/01/18 19:33:31
    Cheers Hellwolf miss that
  • port2008/01/21 09:58:19
    Sold out, already!
  • admin2008/01/21 10:24:59
    Not surprised at that price - pretty cheap risk.

    I run a belkin repeater sometimes. Its ugly and plastic'y, the setup instructions are crap (and it takes a while to figure it out) but it works to amplify a weak signal pretty well and its reliable. The only thing I cant figure out is that it doesnt seem to like running on an external omnidirectional antenna....
  • Wally2008/01/21 16:11:25
    Is Belkin? Is Good! :p

    Pity they sold out so quick!
  • nod2008/01/22 12:19:41
    Refurb or not they still sold out :D

    Did anyone grab one?

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