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Bamboo sheet set (queen size) $79.95 plus shipping.

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Posted By: wfdTamar, posted 2013/02/19 15:56
Lower spec than most I've seen at 250 thread count (300 seems to be the normal starting level, but they usually start at around $130-140). They also have 300 thread count for $120 and other sizes. 320 for $160 on the normal page. Shipping isn't as cheap as some places.

Bamboo is supposed to be soft, cool and tough.

*Can we have a 'Homewares' category please?
  • Donkey2013/02/19 18:49:54
    *Can we have a 'Homewares' category please?

    Yes.... I'll revise all the categories pretty soon. They need it.

    How does bamboo stack up against cotton in terms of feel and durability. First time I've seen stuff like this made out of it. Peoples comments seem to be good.

    Tried to find a free shipping voucher for them but no luck.

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  • wfdTamar2013/02/20 08:20:40
    From all reports its very soft (300TC feels like 1000TC cotton) and durable. I also considered Tencel sheets (made of eucalyptus). Got two packs of these (250 bamboo) coming. I like cotton percale and would choose that over a high thread count.
  • Donkey2013/02/20 08:22:23
    Interesting - I'd never actually noticed that there was an alternative to cotton before. Thanks.
  • wfdTamar2013/02/21 09:02:53
    Apparently they measure thread count differently for bamboo than for cotton. Check the FAQ on that site for info.

    Also didn't know laundry detergent with optical brighteners damages items.

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