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Australia's biggest toy sale (!?) @ Target (Starts Thurs 19 July-Sun 29 July)

Posted By: jayne, posted 2007/07/16 07:34
Here is advance notice of what is apparently Australia's biggest toy sale at Target. The catalogue is now available to view online, so I'll have a hunt through it and see if I can spot any bargains.

It states that on every single page there is a half price bargain, so they might be ones to keep an eye out for.
  • jayne2007/07/16 22:36:45
    This dart board set will only be $39.99 (half price).

  • jayne2007/07/16 22:39:02
    This DS lite package with games is $217...

  • jayne2007/07/16 22:41:10
    LOL @ Homersapien - I've never seen this!!

  • nod2007/07/16 22:54:43
    I have never seen Homersapien either :D

    Odd idea though
  • diider2007/07/16 23:46:30
    I nearly bought the Homersapien. GRR THIS SALE STARTS WHEN IM GONE!
  • nod2007/07/16 23:50:14
    Where have you seen robot Homie on sale Diider? And for how much?

    And I am going to be nosey and ask where you are going :D
  • diider2007/07/16 23:56:08
    nod, i saw it at big w for 89 bucks :) and also at kmart but they have it for 94 bucks i think.
    heh im heading to sydney first then to OSAKA :D:D:D Cheap Jetstar tickets. cant resist em!
  • nod2007/07/17 00:19:34
    Osaka!!! :w00t: cool
    I have always wanted to go to Japan.. well there about a 100 other places :o
    Hope you have a fantastic time

    SO Target have the cheapest price then? Well they are all pretty similar I guess. Thanks for letting us know Diider
  • diider2007/07/17 00:53:56
    Thanks nod. It's gonna put a strain on the wallet tho but screw it, we only live once. So yeah Target has the cheapest prices I believe. for the homersapien anyway. I spent enough at kmart's toy sale!

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