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Apple iphone 3Gs 32GB TELSTA LOCKED for AU $835.00

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Posted By: mezzanine7, posted 2010/02/03 18:44
save more than $200 dollars
Expiry date:2010/02/17
  • Donkey2010/02/04 00:15:00
    I cant see why you'd buy one that was locked to telstra outright. Sort of pointless. Get and unlocked one off ebay.
  • port2010/02/04 11:34:13
    save more than $200 dollars

    32GB 3GS is $1,040 from Apple, delivered. And it's not network locked.

    This isn't a great deal, IMO, when Telstra charges >$150 to unlock. It's certainly not saving "more than $200 dollars".
  • Donkey2010/02/04 19:31:20
    I'm with you port. Crappy price.
  • eron2010/02/05 02:10:10
    I think it's a good price if you intend to use it on Telstra prepaid, which is the best network to be on imo. Telstra Prepaid is spectacular. - MacTalk Forums

    On 3, I roam regularly in various parts of Melbourne City. On Telstra Next G, it's full bar all the way. Battery lasts longer, and you get the best reception everywhere in AU.
  • Donkey2010/02/05 08:26:49
    not disputing the actual phone or telstra's service eron.
  • eron2010/02/06 19:48:30
    Yeah, I do not where else offers a brand new 32GB 3GS for cheaper, locked or not.

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