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Anyone order Deals Direct Princess Telecom Set & Cars Wooden table and chairs sets

Posted By: jinx, posted 2008/12/11 12:30
Just to advise anyone that purchased the above, I have just contacted them regarding my order seeing it hasn't arrived and all my other orders made after that date have, apparenlty there is a delay in the stock arriving and they will not be recieved by Christmas, I'm pretty peeved off as I really wanted this to go with the organiser I purchased. Anyway I requested a refund :( i also advised it would be a good idea and probably more so good business if they contacted other buyers to advise this as more than likely orders of late could be Christmas presents. They really should email anyway when there are delays as such


Have also just asked them where the Princess Telecom Set is that I ordered, these too are now not available as they don't have them in stock and another order I've had to cancel for a Christmas present. Very disappointed :(
  • lilpretzel2008/12/11 20:11:41
    I wonder if that's why all those tables and chairs I saw restocked at 2.30 am this morning were listed as SOLD OUT at 6.00am, even the little kiddies bikes. :xmas7:

    I hope DD can perform a miracle for you :christmas-tree: :box-purple:
  • jinx2008/12/12 15:58:37
    have also added the princess telecom set, now won't be available before Christmas
  • LisaMaree2008/12/12 22:31:40
    Oh that's terrible. I got my kids outdoor setting, buzz and woody walky talkies and dora pram this week. Looks like I was lucky.

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