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And the Winners are?.........

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/06/29 19:04
So here we are at the final winners circle.....

Holdenmg has taken the prize for the last deal hunt as he actually took the $500 from his kitty and made money...walking away with 4 deals and about $532.95 bucks.
Holdenmg receives the $20 prize PLUS 50% of his under Budget value so a bonus of $16.50 is coming his way

The worthy runner up for this deal was Hellwolf

And finally to the winner of the $50 prize... SO I sat down and counted all the deal submissions for the Deal Hunt in the month of June. And then I was going to use one of the random.org site to find us a winner. But then I thought why not do it the odd fashioned way. So the old names in a hat thing took place. Don't worry, I made sure that each member had a submission for each deal they posted.
And the lucky Buckscoop member was.... Liss!!!!

So here is a run down of the last Deal Hunt
Winner $20 prize Holdenmg
Runner up $5 Hellwolf
and the $50 prize for the entire month of June is Liss

Thanks to all those members that entered. Hope to keep seeing you around as next month the competition will be an interesting one!
  • Lycraboy2007/06/30 10:47:13
    Just wanted to say how much I love the competitions you run.
    It's a great way to get evryone involved on what is developing into a real community-based site.
    Keep up the good work!!

  • Lycraboy2007/06/30 10:47:48
    Oh...and congrat's to all the winners!!

  • Smarmie2007/06/30 10:55:13
    Can't wait to see what the new competition will be!

  • Brad2007/06/30 12:06:20
    WD Lizz for the fifty. :)
  • sandgroper2007/06/30 17:02:21
    Well done one and all, thanks to Nod for the organisation of the comps and all the members for their participation :flowers:
  • jayne2007/06/30 17:38:59
    Great stuff. The comps are great fun!! Well done the winners!
  • hellwolf2007/06/30 20:31:37
    Thanks heaps to everyone. I'm sure the $5 will be spent in no time at all.
  • nod2007/06/30 22:16:10
    Some of the entries have been fantastic.
    Thanks again to all those members that took part.

    Holdenmg's deal post for Uncle Frank pizza is definitely worth a read
  • lisss2007/07/01 20:25:59
    Wow thanks so much :D I can't believe I won the 50, and just at a time when I've been overspending too :o :D It was a really fun comp, thanks for running it!!
  • nod2007/07/01 20:47:16
    No problems Lisss

    I am planning to arrange the PP payments tonight :)

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