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Amazon UK- Free shipping for orders over 25pds

Posted By: MamaK, posted 2011/02/17 09:53
Amazon.co.uk offers FREE Super Saver Delivery to the following countries (offer ends May 15, 2011):

Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa.

Includes Books, Music, DVD and Video

gift certificates and items purchased from third-party sellers on Amazon.co.uk Marketplace are not eligible.
  • Donkey2011/02/17 18:05:45
    Thats going to make a lot of stuff very cheap in Oz.
  • Rebekah762011/02/18 08:55:28
    dangerous code... some of the books are much cheaper than we can get them here... already put one order in, but with it valid til May - prob will have another go!
  • fairybelle2011/02/18 10:40:12
    OK Im in shopping Heaven Thanks MamaK!!
  • fairybelle2011/02/18 13:17:55
    Hang on am I missing something???

    [COLOR=#e47911]Not Eligible:[/COLOR]Items delivered to addresses outside the UK are not eligible for free Super Saver Delivery.
  • Rebekah762011/02/18 13:54:46
    the link takes you through to the page. only books, music dvd and video eligible.

    if not sure, put it in your basket and see

    I ordered books and had no problems - free shipping was listed in the checkout page..

    from Amazon UK
    "Terms and Conditions for FREE Super Saver Delivery (eligible International destinations)

    * Applies only to orders completed between February 11, 2011, and 23:59 on May 15, 2011 (GMT), inclusive, with £25 or more of eligible products purchased on Amazon.co.uk (including UK VAT).
    * The following products are not eligible for FREE Super Saver Delivery: gift certificates, and products purchased from third party merchants using Amazon.co.uk Marketplace.
    * Applies only to deliveries to addresses within the eligible International country.
    * Applies only to orders that are to be delivered to a single delivery address in the eligible International country.
    * Applies only to orders that you have selected to "Dispatch when entire order is ready".
    * Does not apply to purchases made on Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.ca, Amazon.co.jp or Amazon.cn.
    * May be used in conjunction with a promotional certificate. To qualify for FREE Super Saver Delivery, the total amount of the products purchased before the promotional certificate is applied must be £25 or more.
    * You will not receive FREE Super Saver Delivery on your order if any eligible products are cancelled, bringing the total order amount below £25.
    * We reserve the right to amend, extend or discontinue FREE Super Saver Delivery at any time."
  • Rebekah762011/02/18 14:00:56
    hmmm... just noticed it can be used with other promotional coupons as long as your total purchase is 25 pound..

    promtion code anyone?? anyone??
  • fairybelle2011/02/18 14:19:32
    i spoke to soon, i didnt have over 25pd in the cart.
    Got 4 cookbooks that I have been wanting for ages!
    [COLOR=black]The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]Cupcakes From the Primrose Bakery [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=black]Economy Gastronomy: Eat Better and Spend Less [/COLOR]
    I Love Macarons
  • Rebekah762011/02/18 14:41:36
    oh... I forgot to check out the cookbooks.. someone cancel my credit cards now!!
  • labgirl2011/02/18 17:00:47
    A big thanks from me (and a look of horror from my bank manager;) )
  • Wally2011/02/18 22:33:02
    FYI: to ensure you are actually getting the best global price use:


    Having noted that - note it does not subtracts the Amazon UK delivery cost
  • Donkey2011/02/18 23:01:37
    promtion code anyone?? anyone??

    Not a lot that I know of but will have more of a search around
  • fairybelle2011/03/01 16:01:35
    How long does it normally take for delivery? I have never ordered from the Uk site before. I got a dispatch email on the 21/3
  • Rebekah762011/03/01 16:29:44
    I put in a couple of orders.
    one dispatched via UPS was sent on 22 feb, with ETA of 1 March, but arrived on 27 Feb.
    one dispatched a day earlier via Royal Mail has ETA of 14 March and hasn't arrived yet...

    does that make it as clear as mud fairybelle?

    I suspect their ETA's are fairly accurate though
  • fairybelle2011/03/02 09:43:30
    Haha yep Rebekah clear as....

    Mine had an ETA of 7/3 I just thought it would have been quicker.
    I remember buying from US amazon on a friday and received the goods on the Tues. I was astonished...

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