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Air Asia X: Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur $199 inc tax each way

Posted By: gstok, posted 2008/08/20 13:34
Air Asia X has just announced Melbourne on their routes, and is having a sale for it!

They'll be flying 4 return flights a week from November 12.

Sale is $199 each way, inc tax, and starts tomorrow, Sep 21 (midnight GMT+8). Fares are for 12 Nov 2008 through 30 Apr 2009. Note that Melbourne is GMT+10 so it'll be 2am east coast time.

UPDATED 8pm: Link changed, start time added, fare date range added, added info about RM
Expiry date:2008/08/24
  • nod2008/08/20 19:20:16
    Thanks Gstok. Lets hope they keep adding more routes to the sale :)
  • markw822008/08/20 22:09:20
    i think it is $199. The RM 99 is without tax as " fares quoted do not include taxes and fees except fares quoted in Australia Dollar (AUD) are inclusive of taxes and fees"

    so i wont be staying up til 2am lol ;)
  • gstok2008/08/20 23:07:10
    Thanks markw82. I've corrected the content. $199 inc tax is still cheap though, if KL is your thing!

    I did a test on existing fares, and trying to do KUL-Australia one way had about the same amount of fees as the return segment for an Australia-KUL return.

    So unfortunately Air Asia X is not as good when it comes to taxes/fees as American airlines are (e.g. price up MEL-LAX on Qantas and United and compare!).
  • dennisy2008/08/21 10:44:03
    FYI, for those who can't seem to find "Melbourne" on the AirAsia website destination list, try the following direct weblink instead:


    Interestingly, u can also save a few extra $$ by booking 2 separate 1-way sectors, instead of 1 return booking. ie.
    a) The going MEL-KUL sector is AUD199 including taxes (as advertised), if booking a return flight, both sectors are charged at AUD199.
    b) The return KUL-MEL sector is RM470 including taxes - at current xchange rate of ~2.9RM to 1AUD, this works out to ~AUD162!!

    Happy bookings :D
  • static852008/08/21 19:34:57
    Hi, do you know whether this is to Tullamarine or Avalon Airport?
  • Jason822008/08/21 23:21:33

    "On 20 August, the airline announced flights between Melbourne (Tullamarine) and Kuala Lumpur commencing 12 November with $199 one-way fares[25] following the airline's inability to use Avalon Airport."

    $200 ticket all sold out I think, didn't find any...
  • AussieMarkMelb2008/08/22 16:49:48
    yeah it seems like they aren't there.

    I went through the process and it was going to charge me $400 one way from Melb to KL.

    It says $227 originally but then jumps to $400.
  • bennib0i2008/08/22 23:56:31
    offer is still hot! i just booked a return flight to K.L at the end of November for $430 bux with luggage allowance and meals! WOW hot as!

    The $199 tix are running out as I originally tried to book it for a Sunday and the price shot up $150 bux while I was searching for a bit longer, so I jumped and settled for the next cheap flight (only 2 days difference)

    hope the rest of you had some luck

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